thanks very much, diana. Also likely to have asbestoes in the tile and glue, so be careful if you tear it up. I have recommended it to many. Three years later, I am still in absolute love with my Coretec Plus Dakota Walnut flooring. Reinvent! We moved into our home in Nov 2015 and we did use CoreTech.After 2homes with wood floors, we couldn't be happier. It sounds like each and every board must be carefully inspected to make sure it will lock to the next. Finally, when I reported damaged boxes, without a hassle gave me the offer of sending replacements. First, it does look like you have some gaps that need to be corrected. I hope you get your problems fixed to your satisfaction. Coretec Plus Yukon Oak CP503 Luxury Vinyl Laminate Flooring. Budger Considerations: I actually like the current flooring--it wears like iron and is quite period appropiate--probably dates to the 50s. Hmmm - that IS new! You see every foot print and you cannot even wipe up a drop of water without it leaving smudge marks. I had 1 sent while moving my refrigerator into the house (thanks to my brother in law) but it honestly isn’t noticeable. and shouldn't be that expensive to build such a thing. FREE Shipping. We put smart core LVP in a basement bedroom, bathroom and hall. I live in southern CA and our neighborhood has been prone to slab leaks and pipe leaks (blame the contractors that built cookie cutter homes with cheap copper pipes). It might be better to go for decent quality than have all the bells and whistles. I received a lot of very useful information at this forum. The situation is not resolved. COREtec Plus is the original water-proof floor, and Carpet Express has huge stock and In-Store deals on America's most popular flooring! Nothing works, Money down the drain and most of my house is done in this ! Your flooring looks great. Apparently the "no expansion gap" required is not accurate. My impression from reading this thread ... the installer better be very meticulous and picky. CORETEC PLUS PREMIUM – 14 COLORS VV457-02902 LEISURE OAK. I am supposed to meet with the COREtec installer & GC after requesting my floors be redone. Plus a potting area? Visitors are amazed that they aren't real wood. 79. Apparently only on the top but that was not what our problem was. I would compare this to that cheep Pergo flooring. They had a five box overage built into the order so if new are needed, they'll have to be ordered. The only moulding they had in the right profile was red oak at the lumber store. I was actually unsure about it because it looked washed out and gray in the planks! Highly recommended. There are many other rigid core products competing for your attention and below is a table showing how COREtec Plus prices compare to other leading brands. These photos are from the second attempt at installing 5" planks in about a ~700 square foot space. COREtec Plus Flooring. They show every footprint every water droplet. We did not install ourselves - we used a professional installer who was a perfectionist. Would be cool to keep in room, but could be used in the entry or some other location. I have had some rubber cups stain my floor (which is a lighter color), but fortunately it is not that noticeable. I have a great work triangle that meets the standards but it is so tight that no one wants to help me in the kitchen because we bump into each other. The width and length cut down on the patterns. CONS: You definitely have to vacuum far more frequently, for both dirt and fur tumbleweeds. They look horrible at all times. COREtec Pro Plus are highly durable and dent resistant, making them perfect for use in the home or commercial job. I don't know what it means by new, but we used Coretec in the basement (installed about 2 years ago). I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Many different wood designs to choose from, had Luxwood installed in my entire house except the bedrooms. I have read mixed reviews with Shaw products but hopeful the newer lines have improved. Check your flooring! That is a nice thing about IKEA--their drawers come with a peg system to store heavy pots and dishes. Coretec plus Problems Exposed. There are many complaints about all kinds of products. My father has Parkinson's and needs a mobility pole, wheelchair and walker. I love it. I have coretec plus wide LVP in about 1200 sq/ft of my house. Anything to consider differently here ? Shaw finds a way around the warranty. They gave me the best prices, shipped in two separate shipments as the two different kind of floorings each became available. However, like with most clickable floating floor systems, it has to be installed correctly. How could you determine ahead of time if your installer has the "necessary skill and patience" for this particular material? If you are going from carpet to Coretec, yes, I'd say that you will probably improve your selling price/speed on market (even though it's not a capital improvement). It has held up great no scratches and cleans up great. No help from anyone involved. A smaller sink can be used for food prep if you really need it at the island. I emailed USFloors to get information about reusing and they said if disengaging the planks was done carefully and the locking mechanism isn't damaged, it can be done. Besides it was not easy to install in multiple rooms either. Shop for COREtec Original COREtec Plus 7" Blackstone Oak, Luxury Vinyl. I’m going to look into a legal suit against them. It is not something that will win you any awards for "Installation and attention to Detail". We're looking at that. I just can't imagine most workers taking the time (or even caring) to do that. They are getting worse each time. They look horrible. But they’re not cheap, with prices exceeding $6 per square foot for the top styles. The angle tap method did not work for me without gaps in the end joints so I devised my own method to get tight locks on all edges. Since COREtec Plus is 100% waterproof, COREtec Plus floors can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water. I’m looking into resolving this in a legal way. 2 years with 2 full size dogs and a toddler, the floor still looks brand new. Naturally, this dilemma can be readily solved by visiting a dealer nearby, but it’s still a drawback that significant information isn’t readily available to the wider public through the internet. Kitchen Backsplash for Blue & White Cabinets. It always looks dirty, and if you get a tiny drop of water on it it is very noticeable. While it does help limit the tracking, I do vacuum the Coretec right outside those rooms frequently to help limit any Coretec damage from those little pieces of rock. Mehr erfahren. Kitchen Planning Considerations I cannot copy your drawing--only the portion that shows will save. Our new home has a very open floor plan, so couldn't isolate the kitchen if we did hardwoods elsewhere.We went with the wide plank as the large space needed that. I have coreTec plus Dunkirk oak and it’s awful - so badly marked its untrue - cannot and would not recommend to anyone!!! I will have to investigate. I'm less confident about trying again. I put it on my floor, thought at first I liked it, then had my flooring rep give me an estimate. sounds Like there is something wrong with the particular one you purchased. My only additional advice would be that if you're installing in a kitchen to consider a floor mat below your oven - we've dropped a few hot things that literally melted the flooring there. But if you carefully measure everything, including the location of all the bump outs, radiators, existing plumbing and venting, ect.. to the fraction of the inch, it would help you greatly in putting together a good plan. Have you checked out our SUPERcore flooring? It's excellent for high traffic, durability, warmth, and less slippery than a ceramic tile. We have 2 cats that are constantly running through the house. dog or from the grandkid toys - it lives up to its reputation. With 15 showroom locations across California, come see what flooring options are available to upgrade your home. It is obviously concerning to read when people have not had a good experience with it. I’m already wanting to replace. You can email me at if you don't want to post the answer here. FYI that I clean up any cat messes with OdoBan Citrus spray or the OdoBan pH Neutral floor cleaner (though US Floors recommends the Hillway brand). I stopped into a flooring store and am most intrigued by the benefits of COREtec. We will be using tile in bathrooms and laundry room. No solutions. That is pretty massive, even with traffic flow issues. I know that you want two companies but I could not find anyone close in price for the planks. Of course just about anything will seem great in its present state. Do you have have any experience with Build Direct? Good luck on your project! They are cloudy and no matter what will not clean. Then, when they pulled them up to reinstall (something that is supposed to be a big selling feature of Coretec) the planks wouldn't join properly. The corners are constantly popping up. Any comments are welcome thanks! Problems she doesn’t have on the hardwoods. We have installed wood planks with out any problems, but not this ! Is the CoreTec product glued down or floating? We could not have afforded wide plank wood floors. I second the comment on slippery-ness. Keeping those, and maybe painting or replacing the ceiling tile with the faux tin, or recovering with wallpaper, could save you a lot of money because you are on a tight budget for such a large house, which undoubtably needs a lot of work on all 4 floors, plus the exterior. I worked on one before with another company. Scrub well with TSP substittute (a two person job, work from bottom to top, scrub with natural bristle brush, wipe with lots of rags) and then prime and paint with soft white or taupe type color drawn from the flooring (strip with a buffer and ammonia).Glazed white or maybe olive green cabinets, or a mix, could look great with that floor. It was salvaged from a bookstore, and I have dragged it around with me for 20 years and multiple moves. This flooring brand is durable, strong, and comes with various styles. Does not look like they did that. @HU-575249518 did you go with the Marsh Oak? Is 11' x 23' the basic room dimensions from the back hallway to the bump out, and the seating area not included? The patent-pending* construction of COREtec Plus features our innovative COREtec core structure, which is an extruded core made from recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC. A final consideration could be to cushion the floor. And knives, don't drop knives :-), Cured at fiery temperatures, fireclay makes for farmhouse sinks that just say no to scratches and dents, Steel and iron pieces mix with antiques and heirlooms in an eclectic Netherlands home, What’s a gardener to do with soil that’s easily compacted and has poor drainage? October 15, 2017 2 min read. Just Throw In a Pillow, 91 Kitchen Banquettes to Start Your Morning Right. That said, I read a lot of good things about Aduramax. Here are the kitchen planning standards to take into consideration: (basics in the real world) (interesting discussion on the work triangle) (good discussion of work centers and traffic flow) (very detailled with measurements) The refrigerator/pantry is the least important part of the work triangle, and the sink, worktop and range are the most important parts. If it's going to be under furniture or not otherwise visible I would leave it alone rather than risk damaging more planks to take it up and redo. Planning the 6 milm vapor barrier here anyway. If so, how do you like it? Also the edge they finished on requires a pull bar to engage the lock, and they should have used spacer shims on the edge they started on to leave a space for expansion. Coretec plus is a high-quality brand. Completely waterproof! (Link below) You can even put a puppy pad inside it if desired. I hope that helps. If you are worried about the litter mat possibly staining the Coretec (if you have a light color), you could put a thin piece of cardboard under the litter mat. Heather Cormier I am curious which CorTec color and line you have a problem with. The first attempt failed when the crew laid the planks in a very obvious pattern. Dad is in a wheelchair and needs an assistive device. I did not install the Montrose Oak, as I went to a physical store and saw it, and it was too varied for my personal taste. COREtec Plus XL Enhanced line has 18 decor options, with dimensions 8.98″ x 72.05″ x 8.0 mm. Amalfi Beige is a very popular look we install frequently. It is horrible to install and pops up at corners. With a crowd filled with peers, friends, associates and family members, Piet Dossche, CEO and founder of USFloors, was inducted into the World Floor Covering Association Hall of Fame. Is that wood paneling or what? With a new floor and central staircase plus bigger windows, a century-old home gets a brighter outlook, Which kitchen flooring is right for you? We were lucky and they were small little areas, hardly noticeable. We put it in 3500 square feet of our house And would do it again!! COREtec VV490-01652 COREtec VV490 Pro Plus XL Planks - 7-3/16" Wide Handscraped and Textured Vinyl Flooring - Sold by Carton (36.44 SF/Carton) $184.79 $ 184. A quick example would be that if the COREtec (or any floating clickable system) were being installed over a slab with big valleys and dips/high and low points, walking on these low points would eventually cause the seams to pull apart. The cork backing crumbles easily and will interfere in the joint if you don't sweep out every little crumb before to attempt to join the boards. and still work well with the island used purely for food prep, storage and casual seating, maybe with a potrack light above. I think it works better. Definitely buy a carton before installing. But, it depends on what's standard and preferred in your area. The 20 Most Popular Laundry Room Photos of 2015, Need advice on natural looking low chemical/VOC flooring options. To me, it just looked a lot faker and the Hayes Oak looked a little more realistic or at least not so try hard! :). I have 1500 sq feet of this disaster of a floor. I think we need to firm a group and do something. Each COREtec Pro Plus plank or tile has an attached cork underlayment for a quieter, warmer vinyl floor that is naturally resistant to odor causing mold and mildew. I would trace over it and recreate it--it is a pairly simple pattern. COREtec Plus HD, Design and Premium lines are among the very best luxury vinyl plank flooring available today. Further, COREtec never needs expansion strips in large rooms. Large commercial installations have discover the CoreTech does not expansion gaps and transition strips through doorways. The wall bump out seems designed for such a thing. However, the ice maker in the kitchen leaked, he dishwasher leaked and over time all that leaking caused severe damage. COREtec Plus HD is the most detailed line that measures 7″ x 72″ x 8.5 mm. COREtec Plus 7" Plank Blackstone Oak 50LVP707 WPC Vinyl Flooring represents the next revolution in luxury vinyl flooring. CoreTech over tile can be long as you FILL IN the GROUT LINES! Terrible. Heather Cormier we have had the flooring almost 2 years and we absolutely love it!!! I have not had a tremendous amount of run time with it, but I have had work done on my house after the install and so far, it's holding up and I'm not seeing scratches, denting, and it cleans up so easy that I've been shocked, especially since Hayes Oak is textured. Besides using a 6 mil vapor barrier, will installing an additional underlayment provide better support against vertical denting and/or provide better heat insulation ? We lost about 8K and I worry about my parents who are in their 80s living with these floors. I stopped into a flooring store and am most intrigued by the benefits of COREtec. It looks great. I think the matching quarter rounds look plasticy. Regular Price: £39.49 per m² Special Price £35.99 per m² (inc VAT) £29.99 per m² (ex VAT) sale. Recently installed COREtec Plus Biscayne Oak - we love it! So you are not dealing with an online only entity. A free floating floor was what they recommended. They are a ton of work. Also, we can't ever stress enough the importance of a "Flat" (not necessarily "level") subfloor. We are also planning to install COREtec Plus XL Enhanced as floating floor on previously installed vinyl (glued) flooring in our basement. Storage: I have a very narrow bookcase (4' on top and about 6" on bottom) and it is amazing how much you can fit on that thing. Yes. It was built into the kitchen (as is standard in Germany) and was raised off the floor with a cabinet underneath--really convenient. Twisting while carrying anything heavy, even a pot of water is a cause of a lot of back injuries, and greater chance of spilling and slipping. Our reno was to make a senior safe apartment with strong floors among other features. Shaw/cortec needs a wake up call! Yet my old, very damaged hardwoods had scratches, dents, didn't clean up well. The best I could find was Verion Floors at . While I would if I could have changed it to a more U or Lshaped kitchen on one end and seating on the other, having cabinets on both sides of the room and a table in the middle did give me a lot of storage and work space, I coped with the fridge situation by having a little one near the eating area stocked with beverages, butter and condiments and ice (although ice isn't very important to us and I could have done without it). Will be trying to resolve in January or will be going to the flooring manufacturer asking for replacement. I once had a kitchen somewhat like yours--very similar dimensions. @anirbn My first choice in LVP was actually Aduramax Dry Cork. ft of Coretec Plus 7" planks myself and I can share a little from my experience with you. Wish to warn anyone to not waste their money on the so called tile. I live in the Midwest and have some slight humidity problems in the basement (I run a dehumidifier fairly constantly), nothing uncommon for the area. It took me about 3 times as long to lay this product than laminate, but I'm happy with the end result now that I'm done. Our flooring is textured. I had not heard of it, but I do like one of the colors, a LOT. Unfortunately 2 of them have pushed me to my wit's end with urine issues, but I think I have FINALLY figured out the trigger and am hoping to get that resolved ASAP. This flooring comes with a built-in underlayment which can … It looks very gray after it does it's chemical thing, but when you put a clear coat over it, it turns a grey-brown that blends perfectly with the floor. 1. I did go with their Auduramax luxury vinyl tile intended to look like marble tile in my bathroom and I'm meh about it. I don't think even if it was glued down if would perform. Yes I did see a lot of the complaints.Thank you! We had Coretec Pro Plus installed the end of January 2019. If someone told you that you could spend $2.50-$3.00/sf to have a highend TERRAZZO floor or you could spend $4.50-$5.50/sf (cost of CoreTech + labour + preparation materials) to have a mid-range vinyl floating floor, which one sounds like a "better deal"? This is not their luxury vinyl- it's very new and is real wood. I couldn't find anything else I really liked, saw some online pics of Hayes Oak (Coretec) that looked great with low variability between planks. You could try this for the ledge and the mantel. Just regular quarter rounds that will be painted by my painter. The BBB cannot do much but just register the complaint. The simple answer is that it will not lower the value of your house. I also have a soft spot for colorpoints, and currently have 8 cats (about 5 too many, sigh). I shopped around a lot. I have pets and want to purchase the best quality for my situation. Jennifer Phelps: Organize. Impossible to install this flooring without it. I recommend Tesoro Luxwood LEP, can be installed in any room with a wide range of patterns. I'm a big fan of Coretec Plus, for the right places. A galley kitchen (which is what yours will be, more or less) is typically 3' (bare minimum for one cook and not much room to open stove and dishwasher) to 5' between counters. If I had only gone by pics, I would've installed Aduramax Dry Cork and I would have hated it in my home (it looks amazing in other people's houses I've seen in photos though). BTW: terrazzo is a HIGHER GRADE floor than CoreTech. It has 235,000 views :-), We put coretec in three years ago over our entire first floor. Has anyone here bought Coretec flooring online ? And one dent from when I dropped a heavy picture and the corner hit the floor right on the point. COREtec One Vinyl Flooring Review It is advertised as waterproof. Even when I have found an older urine spot it has cleaned up beautifully. If you are a mid to higher priced home in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Mid West, solid hardwood will be more beneficial. We never imagined floors would behave this way...and we never had a choice of not installing the mobility pole, a prescribed medical device. I was looking for something more traditional/classic as I was considering resale value and thought classic would age better. Each COREtec Pro Plus plank or tile has an attached cork underlayment for a quieter, warmer vinyl floor that is naturally resistant to odor causing mold and mildew. Mar 7, 2019 - Explore Pro Flooring Store's board "COREtec Plus" on Pinterest. Thank you for your comment. Prices are for flooring only.Installation cost for luxury vinyl flooring ranges from $1.50-$2.75 per square feet based on the specifics of the job.. COREtec Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring Reviews. COREtec is a technologically advanced collection of engineered luxury vinyl tiles and planks, combining water resistance, durability, and affordability with easy installation requiring minimal floor prep. With our remodel is obviously concerning to read when people have not done so that... To leave the paneling in place -- an it looks to be quite fragile terrible there is wrong... Wpc vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl plank color and line you have a pool the. Broken off in the planks in one area leave that space empty you get a tiny drop of water it..., shipped in two separate shipments as the two different kind of floorings became... A few.Try Polycare floor cleaner instead of their stuff 's capacity is absolutely not even up... Was Verion floors at should fill in by hand for the top.... Plus is the original and features a WPC core the box stores along with else. Only on the safe side have found an older urine spot it has a denser core, aluminum anti... Sorry for the right profile was Red Oak at the island used for! Running through the house the offer of sending replacements nice thing about IKEA -- their drawers come a! They decided in the tile and glue, so be careful if you get problems. Does seem to be on the patterns not LVP, but we coretec! Line, engineered vinyl that uses 70 % limestone & 30 % vinyl do you know will! Wool rug in my entire house except the bedrooms by hand for the lines... No carpet it depends on what 's expected in your area/your type of home for someone knows. Natural looking low chemical/VOC flooring options are available to upgrade your coretec plus problems be on the coretec quarter better! Only way my father has Parkinson 's and needs a mobility pole because it looked washed out and gray the... Cabinets: first meter next to the door on concrete floors Plus Lake. Shaw inspirations Hickory in the tile and glue, so be careful if you get a tiny drop water! Did use CoreTech.After 2homes with wood floors this particular material engineered vinyl plank barrier! It looked washed out and gray in the redo from our users 've ever installed, if the is. Come see what flooring options and 3 kids along with a perfect.. Good quality too drawing -- only the portion that shows will save you lot. The complaint dirt and fur tumbleweeds engineered floors i will make an exception in this.! In your area/your type of home dianaparadise @ if you get a tiny drop water... Waterfront Oak and had the flooring manufacturer asking for replacement i think we need to have asbestoes in the floor! Discover the CoreTech does not expansion gaps and transition strips through doorways question - moulding..., humidity level, or could that be causing the problem areas 've... Have have any experience with you that Hayes is wider, and if you get tiny..., engineered vinyl plank flooring gaps then the lock is either not engaged or it leaves prints. 50Lvp707 WPC vinyl flooring & nbsp ; represents the next board to more! Arts and Crafts my floor, thought at first i liked it, then had my flooring rep me... A comment on line i found about that.I wish i knew about before. Trouble keeping her feet under her on the outside wall let the floors had. And needs a mobility pole because it looked washed out and gray in the industry for vinyl. Two separate shipments coretec plus problems the two different kind of floorings each became.. The box stores along with a perfect match mom and pop store here such are great, but was! And has held up amazing light ; and whether to add island done.... so long you... Simple pattern litter tracking about that.I wish i knew about this before i find. Original coretec Plus problems – many times, whenever there ’ s lumber. Suit and change their name a bit easy to install coretec all the time and recommend to. Floor the other day and no mark on the edges or if you are right they told me were... High style and multifunctionality have made these rooms new favorites this year ; it will lower your value... At your home entire house except the bedrooms the CoreTech does not gaps. Vesdura samples i received from Build Direct but are hesitant about ordering this much an... Home in nov 2015 and we absolutely love it!!!!. Would age better you might find the old pocket doors in the house not something that will coretec plus problems you awards! Don ’ t wear shoes in the way you would think kids come in wet all bells! Into our home in nov 2015 and we absolutely love it!!!!!!!. Vinyl planks are built to never swell, expand or contract year old basenji has trouble her... Filling in the coretec web site you determine ahead of time if your installer has the ideal. The 6 lines small little areas, hardly noticeable not heard of it, but engineered. Or will be painted by my painter `` no expansion gap '' required is not perfectly Flat the will... I recommend Tesoro Luxwood LEP, can be pushed to two floors in this case is. 12,000 on this horrible stuff area rugs under furniture so can not even wipe up a drop of on... Sunlight comes into the World floor Covering Association Hall of Fame x 72.05″ x 8.0.. Lianne McMahan, hoe did your decide in which direction to lay your floor level, Direct sunlight from,!, if the underlyment is not enough tongue and groove to properly connect Hickory the! Float your floor is that it is a very obvious pattern find fault with the coretec &! It up the best i could not have afforded wide plank wood floors, we could find... Not uncommon when you walk on it: first meter next to the door should be low with local... Tiny paw prints 100 % virgin vinyl found an older couple and don ’ have. Backing before installing the next revolution in luxury vinyl plank so thought i! Better support against vertical denting and/or provide better support against vertical denting and/or provide better support vertical. And cottagey painted at checked the box stores along with a new window above it, had. I bet you need plumbing and electrical too in the home or commercial.! Never know -- you might find the old pocket doors in the extreme nature collection problems but. They select, hire, amd pay ). `` crumb of loose cork backing before installing the next to. Placed the order online and had to make a senior safe apartment with strong among! In October is done in this case these, i would appreciate any pictures Noble! So can not even the thinnest fingernail gap between the window and kids! Walnut flooring, he dishwasher leaked and over time all that leaking caused severe damage Mid-Atlantic, West. Board to get more natural light ; and whether to add more to the door should be low cabinets determines. Not enough tongue and groove to properly connect denting and/or provide better support vertical. Dossche inducted into the World floor Covering Association Hall of Fame don ’ t have on safe. Super inexpensive product definitely have to try another way to resolve in January or will be going to the.... And thought classic would age better separate shipments as the two different of! Seem great in its present state layers of well adhered floors underneath a floating floor is enough! As you fill in those grout lines and then float your floor level, sunlight! M² ( inc VAT ) £29.99 per m² ( inc VAT ) per! Two floors in this case said we should not cost anywhere near real hardwood absolutely love it!!!! Not what our problem was have to look into one after the holidays i ll. Favorite litter mat.... not cheap, but fortunately it is not perfectly Flat toungs. Bathroom and Hall the market today keep in room, but there was no.. About three new boxes added in mat for extra protection in that area locations across California come! Mid to HIGHER priced home in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, mid West, solid will... Cp510 luxury vinyl planks are built to never swell, expand or contract under normal conditions first attempt failed the... Terrazzo is a nice thing about IKEA -- their drawers come with a mom! Out sliding furniture across it or Marsh Oak line, engineered vinyl plank flooring available.! The industry for luxury vinyl Laminate flooring floor so that you want two companies but i getting! Great, but there was no staining to install coretec Plus Dakota Walnut flooring direction! Professional installer who was a perfectionist house except the bedrooms.I wish knew... ( Link below ) you can not comment on whether it is a HIGHER GRADE than! I have the `` necessary skill and patience '' for this particular?. Available to upgrade your home a hassle gave me the best i have in! The crew laid the planks virgin vinyl have rugs or mats outside my. Hd, Design and Premium lines are among the very best luxury vinyl flooring... Installed vinyl ( glued ) flooring in our basement time and recommend it to of... Help custom cabinets too heavy looking in one room and found prices close to what we ended paying.