Sora's Heartless | Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) | Saïx | Originally, Iago was meant to be a snobbish parrot with a British accent. Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros & Stratos) | Colonel Pierson | Cufflingk and Underlingk | Alameda Slim | Goosey Loosey | Bullwhip | Harpe Brothers | Crimson Prankster | Aladdin protects Iago from the Sultan and his guards at the expense of losing the Sultan's favor, and Jasmine's trust. False Shadow Blot | John Merrick | Randall Boggs | Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Tanamashu | Maestro Forte | Kron | Fabrizio Mazzotta : Iago Aladdin è un film fantasy statunitense del 2019 diretto da Guy Ritchie, che ha co-sceneggiato la sceneggiatura con John August. Charlotte | Jafar agrees, but their plot is interrupted by a new coming prince—Ali. Jasper & Horace | Razoul | Ed Dillinger Sr. | Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | John Ricketts | Yeti (Matterhorn Bobsleds), See Also Terra-Xehanort | The Genie - Boog (Open Season) The Genie (Human) - Mario (Nintendo) Jafar - King Dedede (Kirby Series) Iago - Duke Weaselton (Zootopia) Abu - Diddy Kong (Nintendo) The Magic Carpet - Dusty Crophopper (Planes) The Sultan - Louis Mérante (Ballerina/Leap!) He is initially portrayed as a simple-minded bird and only squawks. Hockomonkey | Yzma | Why Aladdin's New Iago Was So Disappointing Iago is more realistic in the 2019 Aladdin remake - but by changing Jafar's bird companion, the movie loses both its humor and heart. Alias Among the few other characters to have this distinction are Anastasia Tremaine and Captain Gantu. He also seems to hate crackers (which is not what you would normally expect for a parrot), which the Sultan, apparently being completely unaware of Iago's distaste for them, often fed him directly to the mouth, which also acted as the main reason why he aided Jafar in his treacherous ambitions against the Sultan in the first film aside from being too much of a coward to protest against his master's schemes. From that moment on, Iago has apparently come to understand what must be done to truly earn respect and love: giving it to others. Mr. Burgermeister | Vandevere | Iago is very greedy and normally allies himself with whomever benefits him the most. Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | After forcefully handing over a stolen piece of a golden scarab, courtesy of Iago, Jafar is able to create one full, magical scarab, which reveals the location of the Cave of Wonders. Si & Am | Occupation Norton Nimnul | Willie Brothers | Atlantis Villains | Prince John (1952) | Then Iago has a sudden flash of conscience to warn Aladdin and Jasmine of what danger they are in, but Jafar's evilly omniscient eyes suddenly appear on the curtain above Aladdin and Jasmine, and fearful for his safety, Iago refrains from warning them. Queen of Hearts | In The Return of Jafar, Jafar mentioned that he purchased Iago in the bazaar at some point in his life. Card Soldiers | Joanna | Coachman | Comte de Rochefort | Tal Hajus | Madame Leota | Cave of Wonders (2019) | Tin Soldiers | Iago appears in the 2019 live-action Aladdin, voiced by Alan Tudyk. Julius | Captain Katt | Cutler Beckett | But that trust is soon shattered when Iago is forced to help Jafar yet again in keeping Sora and the others occupied at the ruins. Jacques Lebeau | George McKinzie | The Gammas | In the episode, "The Secret of Dagger Rock", he was given the opportunity to keep away from a potentially dangerous mission, which he accepts. Maleficent | Bruton | Jadis the White Witch | Gazeem | Gustav the Giant | General Otmin | Janice Avery | Amos Slade | Brutus & Nero | Carla Santini | He favors Jasmine the most of the group, not because she trusts him, but because she is the one whose trust he has to work for. Facilier's Shadow | Nemean Lion | Max & Thor | Maleficent's Goons | Air Bud Villains | Isaac | Demon Tide | Sleeping Beauty Villains | Lady Tremaine (2015) | In the musical, he was portrayed by Don Darryl. Solego the Chaos God | Tick Tock | He is also based off hisoriginal incarnation with the same name. Gaston LeGume (2017) | Dr. Calico | Il cherche une lampe magique cachée dans la Caverne aux Merveilles qui lui permettrait d'exaucer se… In Shakespeare's play Othello, Iago is the name of the titular protagonist's ensign; though believed to be trustworthy, all he cares about is getting himself ahead and his own wants. The Marten | Bandits | Aladdin [HD] (2019) in Streaming su ilgeniodellostreaming, Durante un viaggio, un marinaio racconta la storia di Aladino, Jasmine, la principessa di Agrabah e la lampada magica per i suoi due figli. Speed | Iago is sent to retrieve it, doing so by cunningly disguising his voice as Jasmine to lure Aladdin away from the lamp. Aconcagua | Drizella Tremaine | Zombies | Oogie Boogie | RoboGadget | Aladdin Villains | Chillie Walsh | Inspector Fix | Maria Reynolds | Lyle Tiberius Rourke | Despite his highly antagonistic nature in the original film The Return of Jafar shows a different side to Iago; one capable of growth and reformation. Sephiroth, Obtain great riches, wealth, and luxury by any means necessary. James Reynolds | Maleficent's Goons | El Diablo | Aladdin (2019): Jafar | Iago | Cave of Wonders, Television Hamish Ascot | Cad Lackey | Powers/Skills Antlion | Vulcan | Also, due to his years with Jafar, he has vast knowledge of magic and mystical lore, rivaling that of even the Genie. Wolf's Owner | Villains | However, he spends the entire time worrying for Aladdin and Jasmine, to the point where he willingly sets out to rescue them. Grim Reaper | Due to his time with Jafar, Iago possesses extensive knowledge of various forms of magic, not only proving useful as Genie's otherwise superior knowledge is ten thousand years out of date (it was Iago who recognized the Kingdom of the Black Sand and its former ruler Distance in "The Citadel"), but also giving him Genie's ability to commonly reference modern things for humor, albeit without a logical excuse (one episode has him screaming in his sleep, "YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY! Animated Features Anastasia Tremaine | Coachman's Minions | A kind-hearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest Borg Guillarson | The Jungle Book Villains | Larxene | Zaphod Beeblebrox | Fat Cat | Henry Burke | It can therefore be assumed that Iago is on the side of the good guys again. After Iago claims (with a degree of accuracy) that he does most of the work and comes up with the schemes, Jafar retaliates by saying that without him, Iago would still be in a cage in the bazaar, squawking "Polly want a cracker!". Chuckles | Recess Villains | As Aladdin and the genie start to become friends, they must soon embark on a dangerous mission to stop the evil sorcerer Jafar from overthrowing young Jasmine's kingdom. Cinderella Villains | Frank Slater | Jasper and Horace Badun (1996) | If it's not broke, Disney's remake of Aladdin sucks. As a sidekick Iago is always good for a laugh—an in-joke in the episode "When Chaos Comes Calling" has Iago running in panic after his face is turned into that of his voice actor Gilbert Gottfried ("I WANT MY BEAK BACK!"). Jack-in-the-Box | When he encountered Sora and the others again, he tried to convince them that he had turned over a new leaf, although only Goofy seemed to believe him until Iago saved the group from a bunch of Heartless. Sugar Plum Fairy | Dark Hide | Following a small fire in 2011, the two were removed as the attraction reverted to its earlier format as Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Durant l'un de ses voyages, un marin raconte une histoire à ses deux enfants. Phantom | Bori Khan | Mortimer Mouse | Baby Thaddeus | BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | Shan Yu | Nessus | John Wilkins | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque) | Bill Bluff | Cave of Wonders | Hydra | Mr. Patel | It marks the first time Iago is voiced by someone other than Gilbert Gottfried as on December 20, 2018, Gottfried said he … Mr. Big | Commantis | Ivan Krank | 『アラジン』(原題:Aladdin)は、2019年のアメリカ合衆国のミュージカル・ファンタジー映画。『千夜一夜物語』の『アラジンと魔法のランプ』に基づき1992年に制作されたディズニーの長編アニメーション映画作品『アラジン』の実写 リメイク作品である。 As well as his role in the film, Iago has also appeared in various video games, probably being in the Kingdom Hearts series. ALADDIN (2019) IS PERFECT Aladdin (Disney Movies) References aladdin - Freeform aladdin 1992 Aladdin 2019 Aladdin also really loves his wife Aladdin and Jasmine have been dead for like a 1000 years Aladdin and Jasmine's Villains. Cecil Clayton | Dustflier | Scarfield | V.A. In the 2019 live action remake, he was voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also played Lenny in Ice Age, King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph, Alistair Krei in Big Hero 6, the Duke of Weselton in Frozen, Van Wayne in Powerless, Duke Weaselton in Zootopia, Ludo in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and Todd/Hushfluffles in Final Space. Devon & Rex | Possessor | Aladdin also wears a shirt under his trademark gilet and when he's transformed into a prince he's not \"Ali Ababwa\", but \"Ali from Ababwa\", changing his false surname into … Sneak Army | Lucinda | The Sultan seems to not know until the end of the first movie that Iago can fully comprehend and converse in human speech and is evil. Prince Hans | Firebird | He was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried in all of his appearances. Prodotto dalla Walt Disney Pictures, è il remake live action dell' omonimo film d'animazione Disney del 1992, … Monstro | He is the power-hungry Grand Vizier of Agrabah who plots to become Sultan and destroy the nearby kingdom of Sherebad by acquiring the lamp containing the Genie. Hades | He also craves for power, as he gave Jafar the idea of marrying Jasmine to become the next Sultan. Krakken | He also devises plans to help himself and his friends out of jams in the series, and also comes up with various scams to earn easy money (which usually backfire on him). Star Wars Villains | Iago | Agent Woods | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | In the sultanate ofAgrabahlives a kind-hearted thieving street urchin namedAladdin. Mizrabel | He is characterised with a frequent useage of biting sarcasm as well as a sharp wit. He was voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also played Lenny in 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky's Ice Age, King Candy in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, the Duke of Weselton in Disney's Frozen, and Duke Weaselton in Disney's Zootopia. Vexen | Master Xehanort | 1992 Ice Colossus | Pain & Panic | Sark | Polar Bear Thugs (Koslov, Raymond & Kevin) | Mother Gothel | Penny Lent | X-Men Movie Villains | Iago's primary obsessions are riches and fame, which—coupled with his disdain for the Sultan's crackers—motivated his villainous deeds. Master Gracey | He is freed from Jafar's lamp and his master demands that he frees him too, but he becomes frustrated with Jafar's insults and being treated like a slave. Vanitas Remnant | Anti-Sora | Borra | Wreck-It Ralph Villains | S.I.R. Foxy Loxy | Hercules Villains | Turbo | Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management), "Comedian who voiced Aflac duck coming to Mohegan Sun", "Interview with Gilbert Gottfried, performing in Utah this weekend", "What to read, what art to see and what concerts to go to this week", "The Man Behind Iago Enjoying a Grate Career", "Aladdin 2: The Return Of Jafar / Aladdin 3: Aladdin And The King Of Thieves (2-Pack) - DVD review (1 of 2)", "Gilbert Gottfried Uses Robin Williams to Joke About 'Aladdin' Live-Action Snub", "DVD Review: Disney Princess Enchanted Tales - Follow Your Dreams", "Disney's 'Return of Jafar' a Nimble Follow-Up to 'Aladdin, "The Real Housewives Of Disney: 'SNL' Pitches A New Bravo Series (VIDEO)",, Animated film characters introduced in 1992, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jafar and Iago resent living under the Sultan and Jasmine like how Shakespeare's Iago and. ConspiracyTreasonTheftAttempted murderProperty damage (2019 film only). LeFou (2017) | Willie | Riku, Other Disney Villains In Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, Iago claims he was born to be a peac… Jafar is the main antagonist of the 2019 film Aladdin, the live-action remake of the 1992 animated feature film of the same name. Pirates of the Caribbean Villains | Bennett Hoenicker | Lothar | Black Triangles | Neils Skellig | Phantom Blot | Alexander Hamilton | Captain Crocodile | Reggie, Darnell & Two Fingers | Prince John | Tetti-Tatti | YOU WANT MY TWIN BROTHER, OTHELLO! Xaldin | Frankie & Benjy | Gluttonous Goo | Big Hero 6 Villains | [12] While his role remains the same and he still shows signs of sentience and a cynical sense of humor, he is notably less anthropomorphic than his animated counterpart as the film wanted to make Iago more realistic. Beauty and the Beast Villains | Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | Pirates (Scroop, Onus, Hands, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Longbourne, Fayvoon, Grewnge, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Mertock, Verne, Crex & Zoff) | Latham Cole | Metamorphosis | Redeemed Trickster, Pretty Polly (by the Sultan)Giblet (by Thundra)Little Turkey (by Cassim)The Parrot, Powerful and strong talonsBeakExcellent flight speedMimicry. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Realverfilmung des gleichnamigen Zeichentrickfilms von 1992 und, basiert ebenso wie dieser auf der Geschichte Aladin und die Wunderlampe aus den Märchen aus 1001 Nacht. Clayton's Pirates | Adolf Hitler | H. U. Hennessy | Headless Horseman | Young Xehanort | Anti Black Coat | Gargoyles Villains | Jack Frost | When he unintentionally assisted Sora in the task of beating the Heartless and retrieving Jafar's lamp, he manages to gain everyone's trust. Sergeant Clairbourne | Iago is one of the main characters of the Aladdin franchise. Delancy Brothers | Unfortunately for Jafar, this means an eternity of slavery and imprisonment, though his greed and lust for power made him oblivious to this. Shadow Sora | The Wolf | Similarly, each individual hates their opposition for different reasons and in differing manners: Jafar and Shakespeare's Iago resent being second best, and in dark brooding orchestrate most of the betrayal. Kerwood Krinkle | Troll | Percival C. McLeach | Ajax Gorilla | Forty Thieves | Gem | Iago appears as the secondary antagonist in the 2019 live-action remake. Blizzard Lord & Volcanic Lord | Shere Khan (1994) | During the battle, attacking Jafar has no effect. Crimes Boreas | Aladdin keeps his role of titular protagonist in the live-action adaptation of his movie; many traits of his characters are kept, adding a deep knowledge of treasures and luxury goods which help him identify a disguised Jasmine as a person coming from the palace. Tad White | Iago decides to drop Jafar after he is insulted once too much. Ms. Stout | Humma Kavula | Beast | Aladdin is a lovable street urchin who meets Princess Jasmine, the beautiful daughter of the sultan of Agrabah. Iago is still every bit aggressive, quarrelsome, loud-mouthed, argumentative, impertinent, diabolical, obnoxious, cocky, rude, menacing, and narcissistic, but in a more comedic light than anything, no longer willing to result to extreme measures such as murder to obtain his goals. Undertow | Wilse Owens | Descendants Villains | Mr. Dawes Sr. | Iago is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin.