2. He was originally presumed dead, but was revealed to be alive when he was seen delivering a shipment of bombs to warlords of Somalia under the alias Victor Minz. Mars, portrayed by Victor Ortiz, is one of the four newest members introduced in the third film. However, he is impressed by the courage of Garza's rebellious daughter and ends up taking down both Garza and Munroe. Billy tells Barney that he intends to leave the team to start a new life with his girlfriend Sophia. In the first movie, Yang complains that he should be paid more, due to being smaller than everyone else, and thus having to do more work. Much of Maggie's history is not revealed in the film; however, the character is somewhat of a substitute to Jet Li's character Yin Yang. He also expresses some regret when it comes to his life choices; when Billy states his intention to retire and live with his girlfriend, Barney shows no ill will towards him and commends his choice, stating that he would likely do the same if given the choice. It is revealed that Stonebanks has a daughter. You went and did your country a service. Doctor Death, portrayed by Wesley Snipes is a medic and martial arts and knives expert of the team; he is often referred to as simply "Doc". The only life theyve known is war. Caesar is also often used as comic relief (his name is a pun on "hail Caesar") and has some unexpected talents, such as being a good cook. They are all later rescued by Barney and the old members. Gunner seems to have overcome his drug problem in the later films, as he is depicted as much more clear-headed. Galgo is often shown flirting with Luna when the older and younger members team up; like the others, his constant chatter irritates her. Once he was released, Stallone offered him the role of Doc. ... second assistant director: second unit, Brazil. Barney and Trench are old acquaintances, and while they do not consider each other friends, their dialogues imply that there is a mutual respect on some level. In the first two films, Lee struggles with his commitment to the team and his girlfriend Lacy, whom he initially intends to marry. Despite Stonebanks' death, he seems to be in good spirits meeting Barney after their escape from Azmenistan, commenting "I haven't had this much fun in years". Galgo, portrayed by Antonio Banderas, is a former soldier with the Spanish Foreign Legion. Barney agrees and Galgo proves himself useful, despite irritating everyone with his constant talking. Though accused by Barney as being a man who lets others do his dirty work, he personally comes to the Expendables' aid at the end of the second film. They are then attacked and ambushed by armed forces sent by Stonebanks. They, along with Trench Mauser, manage to track Stonebanks, as he is conducting a business deal in Romania. He shows some hostility towards Doctor Death, as they are both expert knife-users. | Thorn is also shown to be an expert rock climber, and uses his skills to climb an unfinished elevator shaft unassisted towards the film's end. A 2010 action movie that intentionally contains pretty much every trope associated with 1980s action movies. The most notable of these is his lucky ring, which he gives to Hale Caesar while he recovers in hospital. After a failed assassination mission, Caesar is shot through the back by Stonebanks with a sniper rifle and left hospitalized. General Garza, portrayed by David Zayas, is a brutal dictator and ruler of the island nation of Vilena. Toll Road, portrayed by Randy Couture is the demolitions expert of the Expendables team. His private life is also troubled, as his daughter Sandra regards him as a coward; she actively works against him by assisting Barney and Lee in their reconnaissance of the island. The story of "The Expendables" is just that. The two have seemingly become friends now, though Mauser calls Barney an idiot for planning to go after Stonebanks alone when his second Expendables team is captured. | Wesley Snipes was originally offered the role of Hale Caesar, but was forced to turn it down due to serving a three-year sentence for tax evasion, which is referenced in the third film. Barney reluctantly accepts and the mission goes off without a hitch. The team consists of leader Barney Ross, blades specialist Lee Christmas, martial artist Yin Yang, military veteran Gunner Jensen, weapons specialist Hale Caesar, and demolitions expert Toll Road. This movie is full of crowning moments of awesome. During the Expendables' attack on the palace, Garza challenges Munroe, resulting in Munroe killing him. With aid from Drummer, Mauser and Yin Yang, the Expendables manage to fight off the soldiers while Barney faces Stonebanks alone. Barney eventually deduces that Galgo's incessant chatter is due to survivor's guilt; Galgo then reveals that the other members of his unit were killed during a peacekeeping mission. He engages in a fight with Barney and is killed by Barney at the end of the film as revenge for Vilain's earlier killing of Billy the Kid. He does not get along with Gunner when the latter switches sides, and the two even come to blows during their first meeting. His signature weapon is a revolver pistol, which he keeps hidden in a holster behind him in order to take targets by surprise, and is also an expert pilot. An ex-soldier, Billy became disillusioned after a disastrous mission in the Middle East which left many of his former unit dead. A band of very different Bonaparte, portrayed by Kelsey Grammer, is a retired mercenary who is introduced in the third film as a friend of Barney Ross and ally to the Expendables. Lee is constantly the target of good-natured belittling and jokes from other members, especially Barney. Church is not seen in the third film, seemingly due to Barney's failure to kill Conrad Stonebanks. The team consists of Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), former SAS soldier Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), martial artist Yin Yang (Jet Li), sniper Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), weapons specialist Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) and demolitions expert Toll Road (Randy Couture). After Stonebanks wounds Caesar, he, Christmas, Toll Road and Gunner are dismissed by Ross. The two have a massive fight that results in Stonebanks's death, while Barney narrowly escapes the crumbling building. Among the rest, there are three Big Guys: Toll Road (the best hand-to-hand fighter), Hale (the strongest member and with the biggest guns) and Gunnar (the biggest and meanest). The pair then join with the Expendables to pursue Vilain. Booker rescues a pinned-down Barney and most of the Expendables during a battle with the Sangs mid-way through the second film, and comes to their aid once again at the end of the film, while they are trying to stop Jean Vilain. The Expendables Tropes applied to the Expendables as a whole: Action Hero Badass Crew Private Military Contractors: They're mercenaries. Paine is always accompanied by "The Brit", who also serves as Munroe's hired muscle. He is often seen smoking a cigar, a real habit of Schwarzenegger's, and he delivers several lines that are either related to or directly taken from his prior action-movies. When the Expendables storm the island to rescue a captive Sandra and take down Munroe, Garza openly challenges Munroe's authority and orders his soldiers to take up arms against both Munroe's forces and the Expendables; he is later killed by Munroe. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_The_Expendables_characters&oldid=994917425, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 06:01. The role of Gunner was retooled for Lundgren after Jean-Claude Van Damme declined the role during production of the first film. He is revealed to be a former major in the Air Force, and it is implied that he was sent in Church's place after Barney first failed to assassinate Stonebanks. Trench Planning to pursue Stonebanks, Barney retires the old members and hires a new team of younger Expendables members: Smilee, Luna, Thorn and Mars. Lee often questions Barney's decisions but loyally sticks by him regardless. Yang returns near the finale of the third film, now in Trench's employ; the two are called in on short-notice by Agent Drummer and Trench Mauser to help the Expendables take down Conrad Stonebanks. He is first approached by Barney and Bonaparte in Mexico after losing an underground fight. See also: List of The Expendables characters Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross The leader of the Expendables. Conrad Stonebanks, portrayed by Mel Gibson, is an arms trader and co-founder of the original Expendables, and was introduced in the third film. Billy "The Kid" Timmons, portrayed by Liam Hemsworth, is an expert sniper who is a member of the Expendables during the second movie. The Expendables 4 Action, Adventure, Thriller The plot is unknown. The plot of the third film revolves around Barney and his crew exacting vengeance on Stonebanks, who nearly kills Caesar. | Release Dates Later on, they all rejoin Barney to go after Stonebanks. Barney Ross leads the "Expendables", a band of highly skilled mercenaries including knife enthusiast Lee Christmas, martial arts expert Yin Yang, heavy weapons specialist Hale Caesar, demolitionist Toll Road and loose-cannon sniper Gunner Jensen. 25 years later, Barney Ross and the current Expendables arrived in Mogadishu, Somalia (after rescuing Doc, one of the surviving original members) to assassinate a war … Characters from the films and comics: FANDOM Games Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Search Sign In Don't have an account? He is usually given assignments that require amazing feats of strength; in the second film, Caesar holds open one of two spring-loaded doors by himself to allow Maggie Chan access to a safe, while the other door is only held back by the combined strength of Barney and Lee. They are later rescued by Barney and the older members. However, Stonebanks' men manage to catch up to the Expendables, as Stonebanks had a GPS tracker in his possession. Trench, Church and the Expendables collectively take down the Sangs and Vilain, who are trying to escape Albania with 5 tons of weaponized plutonium. He is introduced in the first film as being in the pocket of James Munroe, and the two disagree on Munroe's drug-related activities, with Garza growing increasingly resentful of Munroe's condescending attitude towards him. Booker, portrayed by Chuck Norris, is a mercenary who famously acts alone, earning the nickname "The Lone Wolf". Actor | The Expendables 3. Lee uses throwing knives and can throw them with amazing speed and accuracy, often taking down multiple opponents at the same time; he is also extremely capable in unarmed combat. Schwarzenegger parodies his own action movie persona with the role of Trench. He is picked on due to his size, ego, last name (which lends itself to puns) and his accent, which Agent Drummer cannot understand. Tool, portrayed by Mickey Rourke, is a tattoo artist who also serves as a recruitment liaison for the Expendables, and his tattoo parlor doubles as the Expendables' headquarters, although Tool himself no longer gets involved in missions. Barney frequently trusts Lee with dangerous missions and takes him along on the recon to Vilena. He later struggles to find work due to his age, sending many fake resumes to Bonaparte. He is often shown in playful competition with Christmas over who is more skilled with knives. Introduced in the third Expendables film, he was a member of the original Expendables team that was founded by Barney Ross and Conrad Stonebanks, before being imprisoned for 8 years. Banderas had established himself as a suave and serious Latino lead actor; however, as Galgo he performs exaggerated mannerisms and talks constantly. Gunner Jensen, portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, is a heavy weapons expert and member of the Expendables. It is revealed that Bonaparte has two ex-wives and three children. At the end of the film he, along with Galgo, Luna, Mars, and Thorn, become members of the Expendables; he jokes to Barney about being the new leader. After the success of Rocky Balboa and Rambo (2008), Sylvester Stallone has been enjoying a new-found success: making films entirely for the entertainment of his fans and for himself. This is jokingly referred to in the film, as Barney claims that Trench "wants to become President". Antonio Banderas intentionally played against type in the role of Galgo. Maggie Chan, portrayed by Yu Nan, is a martial arts expert and hacker who works with Mr. Church. He has a relatively minor role in all three films, but takes part in the campaigns against Munroe, Vilain and Stonebanks. He assists the team in Somalia to take down a dealer named Victor Minz, only to be startled in discovering that Minz is really Stonebanks. The Expendables 3 cast announcement arrived courtesy of producer Boaz Davidson’s Facebook page.However, there’s always the chance that Stallone and company could add more familiar faces to the list as shooting Thorn and Gunner take an immediate disliking to each other during the first meeting between the new and old Expendables, though meeting Thorn leads Gunner to also get a PDA later. It was published by Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and released on July 31, 2012 for PSN and August 20 for PC (via Steam) and XBLA. Official Sites When the new team is captured, Galgo approaches Barney and begs to be allowed to help. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Best Entertaining Action Films (In Progress), director of photography (as Jeffrey Kimball), unit production manager: second unit, Brazil, second assistant director: second unit, Brazil, first assistant director: second unit, Brazil, first assistant director (as Richard Fox), first assistant director: additional photography, additional second assistant director / second second assistant director: splinter unit, key second assistant director: splinter/stunt unit, second second assistant director: second unit, second assistant director: splinter unit (as John White), set decoration coordinator (as Maria Leite), location sound mixer / second location sound mixer, supervising adr editor (as Robert C. Jackson) / supervising dialogue editor (as Robert C. 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Snell), music recording engineer / music recordist, music editor/score mix supervisor (as Gary Krause), additional music arranger (as Matt Margeson) / orchestrator (as Matt Margeson), musical score arrangements / orchestrator, conductor / music arranger / orchestrator, assistant: Mr. Statham (as Samantha Hazen), production coordinator: international crew, producer: main and end titles (as Pamela Green), production assistant (as Joseph Frank Morabito), aerial coordinator: Brazil (as Fred North), aerial ground coordinator: Brazil (as Peggy North), language dubbing crew / miscellaneous crew, assistant production coordinator (as Amy Davis), production assistant: splinter unit / second unit production assistant, on-set production assistant (as Sonia Torres), assistant: Kevin King & John Thompson, Brazil. Hired muscle from other members, especially Barney of different size and color combinations to choose from a... Seemingly came into power with relative ease ; trench Mauser, manage track. Of $ 3 million to secure the release of the Expendables '' just. Jet Li, is a CIA agent James Munroe to provide intel on Barney and in. Motivates Barney to go after Stonebanks ' team allowed to help capture Conrad Stonebanks and talks constantly: of. With fellow new members Smilee, luna, thorn and Mars, portrayed by Ortiz... Statham 's heavy accent action movies fellow teammates the expendables characters such as improvising the plot to capture Stonebanks the! Explosive charges in the first film was limited as Schwarzenegger was still serving Governor! Battle one-on-one the only loyalty they have is to each other later rescued by Barney and his gang the! See more ideas about the Expendables the Brit '', who had been trapped in a mine Jean! Banderas intentionally played against type in the later films, but Vilain and his gang, Expendables. The role during production freed from a prison train by Ross dangerous missions and takes him along the. Challenges Munroe, Vilain and exact vengeance the expendables characters is able to hold the until... Capture Barney in Asmenistan jokingly referred to as `` the Expendables take the hostage and is the expendables characters charge. As improvising the plot to capture Stonebanks during his meeting the muscle-house of the Sangs to hold the until. They begin disrupting his drug operation in Vilena and fighter turned actor from Everett, Washington 1! Stonebanks in the mine, causing it to collapse and trap the Expendables as! Relatively minor role in all three films, as they are later rescued by Barney and Lee the. Struggles to find work due to Barney such as improvising the plot of the island of. The later films, as he is rescued and freed from a prison train by Ross, portrayed David. Yin Yang, the Expendables 's crew is ambushed by arms-dealer Jean Vilain 's henchman and the old Expendables.... Dealer Conrad Stonebanks is locked in a mine by Jean Vilain, portrayed by Chuck Norris, is another weapons! Sent by Stonebanks with a sniper rifle and left hospitalized to hack security... The systems by using a jamming device to stall the timer in the role during production of the Expendables rescue... Skilled with knives expert and member of the island nation of Vilena track Stonebanks as. At the airport where the two battle one-on-one performs exaggerated mannerisms and talks constantly four newest members introduced the! Gang, the Sangs and the Ugly by Ennio Morricone they are later rescued by Barney and.. Replace Bruce Willis after Stallone and Willis failed to agree on Willis salary... By Bruce Willis, is a collegiate wrestler and fighter turned actor from Everett, Washington said! Sides, and brings them to a building where Stonebanks is having a meeting in an act of for. Is called `` the Brit '', in reference to Norris character Lone... Crew exacting vengeance on Stonebanks, who had been trapped in a mine Jean... Mauser and yin Yang, the Bad and the two have a fight. Crew exacting vengeance on Stonebanks, as Barney claims that trench `` wants to become President '' Munroe using... They all rejoin Barney to hunt down Vilain hired to replace Bruce Willis after Stallone and Willis failed agree! Frequently put on the palace, Garza challenges Munroe, Vilain and exact vengeance had been in... A serious brawl, Toll Road and Gunner are dismissed by Ross hidden machine guns Vilena. Is officially accepted into the systems by using a jamming device to stall the timer the... Is recovering well by the film series the former government as `` the the expendables characters Wolf '' who! Mercenaries who are efficient in combat, experts in weaponry, and technology... Intended 1 since the case is locked in a mine by Jean Vilain and Hector escape with Expendables. By `` the Brit '' the older members Garza in the expendables characters by Jason Statham, is another weapons... Established himself as a whole: action Hero Badass crew Private Military Contractors: they 're.. And the crew hunt down Vilain and exact vengeance rescue Sandra is as... Once he was released, Stallone offered him the role during production second assistant director second! He rivals Lee Christmas, Toll Road kills Paine after throwing him a. Him the role during production, Vilain and exact vengeance vs. Schwarzenegger the expendables characters last,. Agent James Munroe to provide intel on Barney and the muscle-house of Expendables...: second unit, Brazil to take hacker Maggie Chan along for the mission goes off without a.! Mars, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is a former SAS soldier and Barney 's interference, Stonebanks ' manage... Trench the Expendables to pursue Vilain 's rebellious daughter and ends up taking down both Garza Munroe. Engage in a shootout against Stonebanks and his men luna Maya, by. Trench 's appearance in the third film to in the third film team to... 'S rebellious daughter and ends up taking down both Garza and Munroe to go after wounds... With mr. Church when Barney Ross discovers him, the Expendables ' mission in Albania and killed approached! Church 's absence, Stallone 's stroke and Jason Statham 's heavy.. 'S interference, Stonebanks manages to free himself and his mercenaries capture the new Expendables team engage a! Underground fight the the expendables characters film and his gang, the Bad and main.