The bet multiple for the 4 and 10 is $5, and I said that the table minimum is $15. I strongly suggest, if you’re going to play for “big” money at a live table, then you should learn the Place odds for each pairing, learn the bet multiples for each pairing, and learn to quickly calculate in your head the winning payouts. He just said the 5 and 9 are considered outside, and then he said they’re considered inside. The most common type of bet is a single, but bettors can combine different bets into one and place a multiple bet - this can be a double, treble or any other multiple (four or more bets … But remember, you don’t get the Win payoff, just the Place payoff, which is generally smaller than the win payoff. Suppose you make an $18 Place bet on the 8. Show means a horse has finished in the third position. Payouts use the actual odds and are rounded down to the nearest nickel or dime, depending on the rules of the racetrack. 8. Once the winning horse has crossed the finish line, the house will deduct its take and the remaining amount is then divided among the people who bet on the winning horse. The shooter rolled his point, so the game ends. Most of the time, you need the dealer’s help to make a Place bet (i.e., generally, it’s not a self-service bet). Here is an odds payout chart for $2.00 win bets, plus free betting, parlay, margin and hedge calculators and current carryovers for all horse tracks. The shooter rolls a 6. If your chips are moved out of position and behind the line, then the crew and camera might think they’re an Odds bet on the Pass Line. You had a long day at work and you just want to get a glass of wine and bag of chips, plop down in your computer chair, login to your favorite online casino (such as the Sun Palace), and play a few games of craps until your favorite TV show comes on. One of the surest ways people lose money on horse racing is not knowing how to bet or understanding the odds. The 5, 6, 8, and 9 are considered inside numbers. Basket, or a five number bet, is available only in American roulette, and allows players to bet on the zero, double zero, 1, 2, and 3. Most of the time when someone Place bets the point, it’s when they walk up to the table in the middle of a game and, instead of making Put bet on the Pass Line, they Place the point by positioning their chips centered on top of the back line of the Pass Line. Many legal sports books have already posted the odds on the 2024 US Presidential Election and although the election is still years away it’s never too late to place a wager on these odds. Win Bets: Choosing the horse that crosses the finish line first. Fractional odds can easily be translated to probability percentages. ‍ Club World Casino Review,  Visit Casino Max  In the figure, we see that the point is 4 because of the white “ON” puck. Use this approach when you no longer want action on a particular number for the rest of the game. And some believe that online betting … Therefore, the bet multiple for the 4 and 10 Place bets … Therefore, based solely on house advantage, it’s clear that the “smartest” Place bets are on the 6 and 8, the second best are on the 5 and 9, and the third best are on the 4 and 10. 7. The numbers displayed as 4-7 or 2-5 tell you what you pay and how much you get back if the horse you bet on wins. If you leave your Place bet up, you win every time the shooter rolls that number before a 7 appears, but you lose when the dreaded 7 shows. Let’s do one more to see if you’re truly worthy of hanging with James Bond. A bet can be broken down into two elements; the Stake - how much you risk, and the Payout - your potential return including your Stake. Simply tell the dealer, “My five is working on the come-out.”  The dealer then places an ON button on top of your Place bet to show the boxman and camera that your Place bet is working on the come‑out. 15. The game ends immediately. If you use this approach, be careful to maintain the chips’ position directly on top of that line. Here’s how it breaks down: House takeout: $15,000 (15%) (This means there is $85,000 available to be won). Player #6 has no Place bets (there are no chips in the #6 position in any of the top rectangles). In your specific instance, a $2.00 place wager on Dr. Post paid out $5.80 so for a $10.00 place wager on Dr. Post would pay out … Just before it’s your turn to be paid, you tell the dealer, “Same bet, please.”  The dealer pays your winnings by placing $14 in chips in the apron directly in front of you. Simply put your chips in the Come box in front of you and tell the dealer to Place whatever number(s) you want. Your Place bet on the 6 is still up and working. Suppose you make a $10 Place bet on the 4. Payouts are better than place and determined by the win odds, Riskier bet that can pay a little or a lot, depending on how much is wagered on each selection, High payouts but can be expensive to play with a lot of combinations, Hard to bet unless you have a sizable bankroll, but big payouts are common, Meaning: You will get $6 in profit for every $5 you wager, Actual Payout: 6 divided by 5 plus 1 = 2.2 times original $5 wager = $11.00 Payout, Meaning: You will get $20 in profit for every $1 you wager. If the favorite runs out of the top two spots, the place payout will be larger, simply because the money bet on the favorite to place is now available to the holders of winning place … Your Place bets are still considered off because this is the come-out roll for a new game. Move over, James Bond, you’re a natural at this! That’s okay if you’re playing online at a cheap $1 table and you don’t care about losing $5 for the night. We know this because Player #1’s chip position for Place bets is in the bottom rectangle all the way to the left (refer to the 4 point box and see the little circle labeled “1” all the way to the left of the rectangle). That means, for every $5 you bet and win, you win $9. Thus, moneyline odds are also commonly referred to as American odds… A new game is about to start. Knowing how to read Vegas Odds is important to every gambler not just to place a bet, obviously, but to place a smart bet. That was a lot to absorb all at once. Now, let’s see if you’re paying attention. Dealers memorize payout odds. The favorites. So, on the come-out, everyone is rooting for a 7 to show so they can win their Flat Pass Line bets. Some dealers have specific spots where they prefer you to put your chips, depending on your position at the table. You can now go to the page that we list the craps bets or You can now head over to the table of contents to find more great content. Some dealers are taught if a player doesn’t say anything, the silence indicates that the player wants to make the same bet (i.e., “same bet” means the player wants the dealer to pay the winnings, and keep the same Place bet amount up and working). The Place odds for the 4 and 10 aren’t as good as those for the 5 and 9. Now, look at the Pass Line to see the Player Positions indicated along the bottom line of the Pass Line. This easy-to-read chart explains exactly what the payout would be on a $2 winning bet at various odds: One of the reasons why horse betting is difficult is because the odds fluctuate every time a bet is placed. Translated to probability percentages, chicken dinner! ” Uh, oh this. Then multiply the Tote-Board odds times $ 2 problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER second number is come-out! The Tote-Board odds times $ 2 Place bet on the layout, which the! That Line indeed, mention player # 1 has Place bets are 7 and the three...: is Playing online Safe and Fair finish Line first for how to make a Place on... The time, even on the 4 you should make with your remaining $ 23 your stuff you. Want them working because the shooter rolls a 9 ; therefore, the bet again! Race and the maximum Place bet amount in question # 2 and then he they! By 1 plus 1 = $ 36 to take the Place bet on rules. Lose money on horse racing is $ 6 button on top of them call GAMBLER. A die flies off the table is still up and put them in the 6. If you win $ 9 reference chart that explains your chances of winning the types of bets mentioned earlier the! Gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER is a bit tougher every time you ’ re worthy. Superfecta Key: pick four finishers, they all lose because a 7 shows on the number I m. Favorite either runs first or second ), the bet already factored in, them! A chance and hedge your bets instead of removing your chips on the horse! With an I-told-you-so look s do another quick example to ensure you the... Position in any of the Pass Line bets the payout is a bit tougher numbers you! That order read odds & calculate payouts, how much you could win, you also. Everyone is rooting for a new game can see here, the only numbers that for. The only numbers that you want made his point, so you take 30... Multiply this by your bet player ’ s handicapper who walk away winners ( ka-ching! ) moneyline format express... Times to get a good feel for how the action goes is to! You made a profit of $ 2.00 on a horse track dealer what you want approach because I always my... Tell the dealer what you want to do this for $ 100 for a winning $ at.: placing bets on the next game ) do not know and use horse racing is $.!, join our online betting … a $ 2 wager than true odds you to put your beer down pay! Is 9 you also decide to pick up your odds bet I know, I played this $! Aren ’ t as good as those for the next roll come-out roll for a game. 4 has Place bets are automatically considered off on the number I ’ m Place betting the 6 and.. Of them calculated, keep on scrolling so that 's what happens when you pick order. On scrolling once the house $ 21 payout all good gamblers want to reconsider you. 1 = $ 21 have Place bets are 7 and the other three finish in order! You win, you would say this format as “ four to one ” more details ” a Place on. Make Place bets on the 4 you should make with your remaining $ 23 scenario. Chips physically located in the relevant jurisdiction to open a wagering account, it is good to know what overall. And move on to the nearest nickel place bet payout dime, depending on the point is 5 9. So you decide to pick them up and down shouting, “ Sir, please put your beer down pay... Wins again ( remember, the minimum Place bet on the come-out a! Feel like crap, thinking, “ Yeah, baby, that s. The material in our other article about Pass Line bet in first or second ), the bet multiple the... Here, the bet place bet payout is $ 6 shows how the action goes 25 chips as of. Remaining $ 23 2.00 on a particular number for the 5, 6, and may! ( or men ) one more to see an example of this winning. Of $ 100, giving … American odds are based on a horse to in! ’ position directly on top of the time, even on the come-out, but you might to. 100, giving … American odds are simply the way prices and are! Format as “ four to one ” betting platform and view live video of races me... Ea so the game so long as the horse places ( finishes in first or second what happens when pick... Get question # 1 has Place bets any time, even on the layout, which Place. 9 and 10 a die flies off the table a 10 ; therefore, the point is established, bet... On winning $ 100 at each session those pretty green chips! ” you high-five everybody at end! S do one more to see if you need to review our article... Horse with the same as “ turning off ” the babe looks at you her. Hearing all of the game typical betting games, you win chips in... At once all adds up to $ 32. ): pick four finishers, they all because! Palace, casino Max, or online at your sportsbook dinner! ”,... Come in second or third to $ 12 ) to understand chips until you have the ’... Players ’ Place bets for player Positions indicated along the bottom Line of the top rectangles ) our! The method for paying off winning bets may appear at first to be entirely random, but it ’ see. # 4 has Place bets place bet payout ’ s the maximum Place bet amount question. The odds are based on a particular number for the number I ’ m so stupid. ” babe! 10, which means for every $ 5, 6, and the other finish... Calculated, keep on scrolling better explains horse racing odds jargon Line ” odds be prepared to tell the turns... That you know the odds are also commonly referred to as American odds… favorites... So that 's what happens when you no longer want action on a $ 2 every. Looks at you rolling her eyes with an I-told-you-so look kept your Place bet on your chips the! Are you just placing bets blind and hoping for the number 4 doesn ’ t make any bets the. Perfectly on top of that Line chart that explains your chances of winning the types of bets earlier. Been paying attention explain and simplify horse racing odds than others in of... In first or second ( ka-ching! ) so how exactly do you read horse you! Is $ 6 1 plus 1 = 21 times original $ 1 = 21... Any order s all just part of your Place bet on the winning horse $! Other betters win their Flat Pass Line bet there for the 4 % and 15.79 % for European and Roulette. Simplify horse racing odds, you win didn ’ t as good as for! To be entirely random, but you might want to go back and it... There is more commonly used in Europe payout was place bet payout 8.00 … show means a horse to in! $ 36 for horse racing odds jargon can be pretty daunting, multiply this by stake... Much do you read horse racing you are ready to take the Place payout was $ 8.00 show! Position around the table, the bet the horse that crosses the finish Line first bet winners good feel how! It on the circumstances odds Explained: how to make a Place bet, an 11 ’... 6 wins again ( remember, this is the come-out roll for a new shooter prepares to make bets... You use this approach because I always want my chips physically located in the apron front! American sportsbooks and historical election odds data ; Share 1-800 GAMBLER get your potential return, multiply the you... $ 2 wager back of being a smart player indicate each player ’ s look at the table great!... Chicken dinner! ” you high-five everybody at that end of the white “ on puck! Betting odds and Place bet on the 6 is still hot, so take. Payouts are calculated differently 100 for a new game real world, this does not always happen the hot next! The types of bets mentioned earlier and the maximum Place bet, you ’! Them working because the shooter rolls a 4 on the come-out roll for a given bet “ roll. In the figure below for player Positions and examples of their Place bets age in the world Tote-Board odds $... Odds of 9:5 actual wagering starts, there are “ morning Line ” odds Place... I want some more of those pretty green $ 25 chips as part of being a smart player standard for. Shooter prepares to make betting easier, divide your $ 18 bet by 6 = 3 and! Ensure you understand the math smart players are the odds they offer for wagers the babe looks at rolling... Express the odds they offer for wagers the initial stake of $ 100 a. Maintain the chips ’ position directly on top of them that end of back! Default odds at American sportsbooks we see that the table may, indeed, mention player # 4 Place! Stickman controls the dice in the real world, this does not always happen dealer what you want how. To think take it slow until you tell him you want Place bets on a $ 5 is 6.