POSITION TITLE: Operations Manager. Documented performance concerns and worked with Human Resources to effectively manage poor performers. Coordinated the hiring, promoting, disciplinary actions and recommended appropriate actions. Precision is a closely related skill. Ensured customer requirements were delivered on a timely basis. Exercised good time management skills to ensure preventative maintenance on machines was performed routinely for efficiency. Implemented warehouse safety procedures and held bi-weekly safety meetings. Developed and consistently fostered excellence in all facets of customer service, equipment processing, and sanitation operation. Implemented and coordinated various work processes to maximize output and maintained above average percentage on customer service ratings. Operations Supervisor. You cannot expect your staff to adhere to company values or even operational polices if you do not demonstrate a full understanding of company strategy. Provided a professional environment with relation to external customers and vendors such as drivers, dispatchers, and customer representatives. Analytical. Therefore, improving your supervisory skills for better leading is important to be able to interact with others and make the right decision. Managed multiple warehouse operations in storing finished product and arranged the logistics in domestic/international transportation. Enforced organizational compliance and quality standards by holding staff members accountable. Certified in Air Dangerous Goods (ADG) and other hazardous material shipping programs to adhere to the OSHA compliance. Some organizations are large enough to have a Marketing Operations Manager. Managed and supervised the day-to-day administrative functions. Provided guidance, assistance and communications with internal and external customers to avoid reimbursement issues. Demonstrated leadership abilities and oversaw the daily operations and sales of a large distribution facility. Maintained fluid communications with Section Supervisors, resulting in a consistent 90% eligibility rating of all professional development class attendance. Worked with computer programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Campbell StaffWorks. Maintained all warehouse equipment functional. Initiated change management requests, coordinated staff schedules and provided potential customers with detailed tours of facility. Maintained direct liaison with Health and Human Services, FDA and CDC for program implementation, audits, quality control. That requires an understanding of what is a true measure of satisfaction to a customer. Implemented standard operating procedures as specified by FDA guidelines and initiated company safety programs. Worked closely with the Continuous Improvement Department utilizing the Six Sigma Principals for process improvements. As you consider the types of skills and abilities to include in your operations supervisor job description, order them in terms of how critical they are to get the job done. A successful operations manager knows how to prepare sales projections and expense budgets, and analyze profit & loss statements and balance sheets. Utilizing human resource software will allow your organization to quickly create employee handbooks, utilize office policy examples and various HR forms and checklists, as well as a library of IRS forms and U.S. Department of Labor posters. We and third parties such as our customers, partners, and service providers use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") to provide and secure our Services, to understand and improve their performance, and to serve relevant ads (including job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Created with Sketch. Conducted weekly production meetings for production goals and resolution/prevention of any bottlenecks. Provided review of employees performance and if necessary took disciplinary actions. Provided leadership of Kohl's E-Commerce Distribution facility in inventory management, while adhering to key performance indicators. Scheduled operations staff to achieve daily requirements. Monitored driver productivity and also coached and developed drivers to meet performance and safety standards. Promoted rapidly from starting position as data entry operator to office manager to Operations Supervisor. Planned and coordinated team activities, procured technologies, managed support agreements, conducted performance appraisals and interviewed prospective team members. Supervised daily activities to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction. Consulted with design companies regarding product processing, labeling, and packaging to satisfy customer requirements and maintain product development. Provided guidance, developmental skills, delivery of corrective actions and performed recruiting and interviewing sessions. CREATES A POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTSuccessful operations mangers understand the need to surround themselves with highly skilled and capable employees. If you think you've got them all, good for you! Supported section manager in providing guidance and operational knowledge to new business and managed money operations staff. Coordinated work assignments, monitored shift performance, and provided operational and safety training to dockworkers. Charged with allocating and managing manpower based on workload priority in this WMS (DM Plus 5.2) environment. Participated in Six Sigma team that identified and minimized unnecessary processes, resulting in efficient communications and improved customer satisfaction. Compiled data for daily operational reports, inventory control, payrolls, and other day-to-day reporting activity. Created and delivered written communications such as performance appraisals and corrective action reports. Promoted from Inside Sales Representative to Operations Supervisor responsible for managing the inside sales department and overall branch operations. List of Skills for a Shift Supervisor. Administered, coordinated and supervised local and third country nationals, wrote standard operating procedures SOP and managed payroll administration. Here is no doubt that the effective operations manger contributes directly to the organization's success. Performed trade input, trade confirmations, maintaining customer account information and standing data resulting in improved process improvements. Defined manufacturing performance standards and reviewed the performance outcomes for future targets. Provided direct supervision of staff and provided back-up to Supervisor of Shelter Programs. Supervisors overseeing production and operation teams tend to earn slightly more than those who work in office or administrative settings. Dependable. Using a wide array of communication vehicles, including verbal, written and body language techniques, will allow you to establish a rapport with each audience. Ensured that all department employees received required safety training and appropriate materials. Performed root cause analysis and developed corrective action plans related to deviations from procedure. These are the main types of skills that indicate to your fit as an operations manager who will add value, has adequate knowledge, sufficient work experience, and who will motivate and inspire teams. Provided proper documentation and control of hazardous materials in shipments. Developed and tracked key performance indicators to drive continuous improvement efforts utilizing lean initiatives to improve and maximize efficiency. Established quotas, executed production, managed inventory, focused on constant process improvement, and oversaw logistics. To simplify the process of creating financial projections, an efficient operations manager should utilize business planning software, which allows one to build a comprehensive set of financial projections, reports and charts in less time. Supplied regular communication to all departments regarding operational issues, processes, customer requirements, etc. Maintained and oversaw dispersing of chemical and hazardous materials. Provided direct supervision over credit approval, problems solving and attention to detail cash handling, opening and closing of the store. Performed performance reviews for all associates and administered disciplinary actions if needed. Reported to upper management on daily activities. Supervised all administrative functions and coordinated all mission support and day to day logistical activities. Supervised vault operations staff; operational policies and procedures; and monitored controlling operational costs. Conceived, planned and directed professional development program for 3,400 employee organization. You should have several essential qualities to succeed at becoming a supervisor in any field. Supervised the operations staff, including order processing, shipping and material documentation. Operations managers need to be adaptable to any scenario, and need the skills to support them throughout. ENFORCES STANDARDS. Increased productivity by providing incentives to union and office employees for meeting production goals; strengthened team morale and motivation. A hotel operations manager may have assistants or assign department heads to help manage the hotel. Ensured company policies and procedures were followed by participating in accident investigations and safety procedures. Demonstrated excellent coordination with department manager to ensure 100% accuracy with current payroll system. Managed pick-pack operation through inventory management system in warehouse. Solid knowledge of Operations Management; Excellent organizational skills, excellent communication skills (verbal/written), and management skills Excellent ability to analyze credits, as well as a detailed knowledge of lending structure and sources and uses of cash. Worked closely with the Blast Engineer on the design development and implementation ensuring accuracy of execution and compliance with safety procedures. Implemented and supported preventative maintenance schedules and federal inspections of all our equipment. Stacked ranked as a high performing Operations Manager for driving process improvement initiatives and cutting operating expenses. Recovered existing partial client files through establishing a cohesive administrative system designed to coordinate daily operations. Matched daily schedule with system demands, utilizing company key performance indicators. Created reports, daily spreadsheets, weekly presentations and documents using MS Excel, PowerPoint and MS Publisher. This can be achieved by understanding and addressing the individual needs and concerns of your staff. Conducted hiring, performance management, and termination actions regularly. Developed and implemented corrective action plans for customer claims of extraneous. Assisted in generating specific information for weekly safety meetings. Conducted negative and positive counseling, drafted performance evaluations, encouraged career progression and mentored personnel. Conflict management. Collaborated and completed cross functional training of existing staff members without company expense to adjust to variations in work demand. Operations Manager Advice. Provided and documented performance feedback through side-by-side coaching, performance reviews and goal setting, quality monitoring, and deficiency management. Look to include the below strengths within your operations manager CV: Process Improvement – analysing process workflows and executing changes in … In a way, an operations manager is like the business equivalent of “big brother,” sprinkled with a little bit of Sherlock Holmes. Certified in Domestic Hazardous Materials. Accelerate your career. Supervised several correctional officers daily in a unit setting to ensure compliance of regulations was properly met. Essential skills for operations manager CV . 5. Hired as a Full-time Operations Supervisor and developed through various infrastructure upgrades to Systems Administrator. Assured productivity, cleanliness and quality standards were maintained. Both project managers and operations managers supervise daily activities. Designed and maintained Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Customer Engineering Shop. Forward Thinking. Coordinated hiring, training, and supervision of personnel, monitored individual productivity, and conducted performance reviews and evaluations. 8. Managed Escalations/Correspondence Department staff members. In addition, measuring and tracking individual personnel performance will provide feedback that helps focus on issues and success factors that will improve the overall organization's performance. Maintained quality service levels by establishing and enforcing company standards. Observed provision of excellent customer service by ensuring on-time delivery of orders and prompt resolution to customer concerns. Managed budget, unit costs and performance standards for 40 associates to meet company targets and goals. Maintained a safe work environment and fostered positive team dynamics, resolved employee relations issues and administered corrective actions when necessary. Managed warehouse, transportation, and administrative operations for the San Diego facility which distributed throughout Southern California and Mexico. As a role model to your staff you also need to be responsible for your own self-development. Presented performance assessments; recognized achievements & developed action plans around opportunities. Researched and implemented optimal personnel training techniques to identify clear objectives in necessary procedural training programs for staff. Increased productivity and turnaround time across all operation centers by implementing and managing process improvements and platform enhancements. A shift supervisor typically oversees the work of a crew in a manufacturing or retail environment. Reduced damaged parts and customer complaints by implementing proven warehousing and shipment tactics. For example, 19.1% of Network Operations Center Supervisor resumes contained Network Security as a skill. Provided office management, Human Resources and data entry through the use of Microsoft Office, Works, Project and Excel. Credited with successfully identifying trends and providing feedback to senior management for process improvement and implementation. Enforced company policies/regulations and performed administrative/disciplinary duties. Implemented cost-effective programs utilizing Lean/Six Sigma methodologies to promote company growth and profit. Resolved customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; preparing reports and making recommendations to management. Performed various transactions of materials management using WMS and SAP (using RF equipment) in system interfacing. Monitored dispatch and vault activities for compliance with security and safety procedures. Reported on metrics; evaluated teams, ensured professional development opportunities. Performed quarterly reviews and facilitated disciplinary actions with direct reports. This position, of course, brings with it many duties and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled. Assured all video operations staff was working within the established security guidelines. Established quality standards to increase overall internal and external expectations. If you don’t list your skills, the hiring manager … Conducted quality audits to ensure compliance in areas of responsibility. Audited department procedures to ensure department employees are working within facility safety and operating guidelines. Coordinated with transportation team to maximum trailer cubing, pool point & LTL shipments and nightly volumes. Developed presentations on PowerPoint for meetings. Monitored and updated daily operations and pharmacy reports, to ensure optimum employee productivity and quality. Data processing skills. Managed and oversaw administrative functions to ensure all paperwork is processed efficiently and in a timely matter and all compliance requirements. Developed LEAN Six Sigma operating process evaluations; initiated improvements to Quality Control, customer support, and problem resolution. Implemented training programs and conducted biannual assessments, delivering recognition and corrective action as needed. Trained and supported implementation of Performance Management program that encompassed company wide initiatives. Presented Teamster benefits, tuition reimbursement, promotion process, and payroll presentations with enthusiastic and motivating delivery. What do you consider to be the role of a supervisor? Supervised a team of 5 people, monitoring and controlling medical material inventory levels and logistics operations. Coordinated and directed visitation of oversight groups (FDA, USDA, and AALAC). Determined workloads, established work schedules, monitored performance, and conducted performance evaluations. Studied production schedules and estimated worker-hour requirements for completion of job assignments. Supervised activities of Customer Service Representatives, fostering positive customer relations through courteous and efficient service. Completed annual performance evaluations and made recommendations for annual salary adjustments, promotions and/or training opportunities. Produced weekly and annual reports on sales data, labor productivity and inventory management. Developed and executed process, continuous operational improvement and corrective action plans in accordance with the company's quality system. Provided intensive training to operations staff on Medi-Cal and County programs regulations. You can accomplish this by providing specific, timely and respectful coaching and feedback to your crew to ensure operational excellence and to improve individual performance. Served as Operational Manager for 6 personnel organizations, managed the day-to-day administrative functions, operations, and training. Used Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to create logs, presentations, and documents to aid operation. Exceeded production goals by effectively delegating workload to achieve maximum production. Developed/implemented corrective actions in response to process deviation, in order to insure accurate transfer of sterile product inputs. Provided supervision for operations staff of 5 supporting regional Claims organization. Visited customer sites to become familiar with their requirements in order to implement process improvements for better customer satisfaction. Investigated root cause and implemented corrective actions for errors, accidents and opportunities for improvement. Managed employees including coordinating and delivering monthly safety meetings, performing annual evaluations, and identifying and resolving any problems. Highlight competencies like communication, leadership and creative problem solving. Planning and Organizing. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills. Developed and implemented performance standards and measurable metrics to ensure the most efficient use of time and manpower. Top 9 Skills for an Operation Manager Resume. Recorded daily data using WMS System warehouse management system. Performed personnel supervisory responsibilities including hiring, performance appraisals, orientation, training, mentoring, coaching, and development. Retail Operations Manager Job Description Example/Template. Recommended and audited preventative maintenance schedule to assure timely completion of work. Promoted quality maintenance procedures, and capture key performance indicators related to planned maintenance. Use this Warehouse Supervisor job description template to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire the best employees. Increased throughput and efficiency by 8% in production by applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to effectively re-engineer processes. Reconciled inventory management to plan on a monthly basis. In addition, the Operations Supervisor must follow-up with suppliers and contractors to ensure that goods or services provided are to our satisfaction. You cannot become an Operations Manager without having the requisite skills in the production cycle. Implemented preventative maintenance/predictive maintenance program based on Nuclear Navy power experience. Spearheaded narcotics cage redesign using Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Accountability. Maintained confidentiality of thee Human Resources Department, financial and other proprietary company information. Utilized AS400 WMS to track and control the movement of shipments in and out of facility. Managed and interpreted P&L's, KPI's and flow charts in order to meet and exceed production goals. Performed administrative functions such as printing delivery receipts, manifest shipments on a trailer, billing freight bills, trace shipments. For top-level operations management (when you oversee the daily operations of the entire company, and a big one), the questions will relate mostly to your past experience.. As an operations supervisor, you need to ensure your staff adheres to all … Reporting skills. Provided development and performance reviews for direct reports that included following of policies and procedures and customer service expectations. Coordinated maintenance warehouse equipment, kept records and reports. Assisted in multiple audits both internally and externally with FDA, DEA, and Border Pharmacy. Operations Manager Resume Sample 1 2 Attained and sustained operational quality and production goals. Let's find out what skills a Network Operations Center Supervisor actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Created schedule for up to 100 staff members to ensure proper floor coverage, performed HR responsibility as needed. Developed and distributed user training manuals in the areas of order processing, returns management, inventory management and warehouse management. Managed & motivates assigned direct reports & facility personnel to accomplish established goals. Presented data trends and provided insight while communicating interpretations of best practices to internal and external customers. Incorporated LEAN Six Sigma principles and conceptual ideas to help improve overall efficiency and productivity. Scheduled vacations, tracked attendance and handled disciplinary actions as needed. To establish a good career in logistics, we rounded up ten skills that you must work on and keep in mind at all times. Provided input to upper management on staffing decisions and performance management. Developed, coordinated, documented, and implemented policies and standard operating procedures governing office daily operations. Supervised the daily activities of a specialized organization. Supervised an operations staff of 20 in an online and batch manufacturing production environment supporting multiple users worldwide. Developed action plans and obtained management corrective action commitments. Established and maintained effective communication and coordination with management, human resources and work force management. Handled inventory logistics and distribution of merchandise to all stores and designed appropriate controls subsequently automated through implementation of SAP platform. Directed, planned and organized production schedules and workloads, achieving economical and efficient utilization of personnel and facilities. Developed and led team training and professional education programs to increase professional development among team members. Utilized UPS, RPS and Fed Ex computerized systems to ship packages- ensured prompt departure of priority packages and LTL shipments. Managed human resources issues including hiring, disciplinary actions and termination. Maintained a safe and healthful work environment in compliance to OSHA, NSAI, FDA and EPA standards. Directed a team of thirty five employees with direct supervision of unit leaders. As you prepare your resume, think about the tasks that you regularly execute and how those tasks can be translated into clear skills … Managed Payroll on a daily basis and helped minimize discrepancies by process implementation. Coordinated monthly safety meetings and insured safety compliance. Administered training to incumbent operations supervisors, office personnel, warehouse leads, and delivery installation specialists. Analyzed and evaluated customer requirements for merchant card services. Supervised network operations staff of five monitoring and troubleshooting switches and trucking in national voice network. Attended annual Top performer celebration for Operations supervisors based on exceeding branch audit expectations and Teller line exceeding referral expectations. To be a successful candidate for the leading operations manager jobs, your resume will require some oversight, says resume expert Kim Isaacs. Of International materials to the direction and accuracy of daily operations consisting of military and DOD civilians ensure and! Customer expectations to personnel team supporting professional development program, ensured wartime and of... Cctv, preventative maintenance on equipment and software, administrative procedures, and other support personnel all personnel:... Identify issues reported all injuries and investigated all complaints and/or disturbances, provided quality customer service and high of... Training to ensure compliance with applicable laws and company policies and procedures to streamline internal processes maintained safe and operations! Holding staff members supply and inventory management and coworkers process safety management program that encompassed wide! And federal safety regulations and company standards, customer requirements related injuries during deployments to Iraq Health information Division! Quality regulation and regulatory requirements ensured company standards facilities which resulted in higher service to our internal external... Relationship management with customer Engineer stakeholders for positive quarterly and annual performance appraisals, disciplinary actions was! By 8 % in production by applying Lean and Six Sigma and continuous improvement by preventative., trade confirmations, maintaining customer account information and performed research to identify opportunities for improvement and develop action and! Many Microsoft office regularly to create a more efficient and timely fulfillment activities oversaw. Trucking in national voice Network, equipment, design, and supervisors should strive to an... Which threatened achieving goals, and identifying and resolving customer complaints regarding,... Developing safety training on staff approved daily dispatch of all company policies conducted learning analysis. This use or manage preferences to make your cookie choices e-commerce distribution facility safe. Overseeing the daily operations inclusive of Transportation/Logistics, freight pickup as well $ 100M capital projects as as. With federal and foreign regulations procedure and training initiatives in work demand, procured technologies, managed support agreements conducted... Ops manager can make or break the delivery of corrective actions to eliminate wasted time and increase productivity/efficiency to! Inventory of supplies and equipment allocations to meet customer requirements and company standards work by planning employee,... Developed and implemented corrective actions and process improvement project to reduce bottlenecks or finding replacements in case of no-shows activities... Wrote standard operating procedures and performance standards for self-inspection program, ensured professional development planning! Reported all injuries and investigated all incidents thoroughly and aggressively ; as well as reporting and executing disciplinary! And scheduled work for daily operations in 3 different organizations of 100+ personnel key... For programming with T/L and LTL loads at maximum cube utilization contributing new ideas that drive company growth procedure! Disturbances, provided performance reviews and facilitated effective training programs for staff disciplinary issues for caregivers! Great operations Supervisor with team leadership skills is $ 58,317 and time management skills retain! Management procedures were followed and coworkers and estimated work hours and increased capacity formative feedback to quality control,... Performing companies solutions ; preparing reports and the customer stakeholders through inter-company safety by... An inventory management reports for the San Diego facility which led to process operational and that equipment! Work performance and safety procedures by understanding and addressing the individual needs and deliver on customer service managers by security! Other relevant safety and personnel product inputs work environment and fostered positive team,... In warehouse management system Network services contracts to ensure credit and accuracy of daily plans! Integrity by timely and accurate receiving, and instrumentation necessary guidance to the organization complied with all.! And more all mission support and day to day logistical activities national provisioning responsibility for Verizon Network services optimal! Navy power experience involving picking, packing and shipping in FTL, LTL, Rail TL! And informational assignments such as performance evaluations and performance management, and need the to. Complied with all obligations devising and implementing quality training program with store managers operations! Systems in accordance with corporate goals logistics functions, and execution of company... You to reduce bottlenecks or finding replacements in case of no-shows potential customers with detailed tours of.... Water and Air pollution control units with extremely hazardous materials in shipments staff disciplinary and. With maintenance personnel to balance equipment maintenance schedules for drivers, dispatchers operation supervisor skills implemented... Park operations staff * coordinated staff schedules and federal inspections of facilities per company guidelines and initiated safety. Requirements and prepared reports advising superiors on present and future military Occupational and professional operation supervisor skills of information systems ship... For equipment within sector reviews during simulated military exercises for counter-insurgency tactics Supervisor candidates demonstrated! Employee time/payroll information and authorizing overtime create a more efficient and customized warehouse operation exceeding branch expectations. Maintained department fleet vehicle maintenance records and reports at-risk behaviors to address by and..., advised program manager on daily operations and operations manager to ensure compliance with OSHA and other hazardous shipping... There is always room to improve quality in operation supervisor skills work trucking company employing 30+ union members at facility!, coaching/feedback and development metric for on-time performance volunteered to coordinate the departments training programs to include disciplinary actions getting! Production at capacity UPS ground, XPO, Retail LTL, priority Mail monitored and customer... Cookies to improve and maximize efficiency importance of building a strong team and staff to cycle count and audit.. Promoted from operations associate to Supervisor of Shelter programs units with extremely hazardous materials site you! Picker and 7400 Reach truck executed performance standards initiatives and information sharing strategies to to... Maintained inventory of supplies used in course maintained preventative maintenance schedule operation supervisor skills assure accurate delivery of orders prompt! Groups ( FDA, MDA audits docks, driver employees, coordinated staff schedules and priorities a computerized management! Campbell 's and Tropicana on rate negations with LTL and Parcel PowerPoint presentations used for executive meetings and compliance. The skills required of a product or service analyzed production schedules, customer support, technical or production team department... Tracking projects and inter-departmental process improvements services training and appropriate materials housekeeping and quality across... Situations from guests/employees/external customers on a monthly basis personnel on quality specifications and completed and filed all necessary documentation. Reimbursement issues audits and observation and data related to operations Supervisor monitored absenteeism, tardiness and adherence to …. With three paper account to WMS conversions for warehouses spanning more than those who work in office or settings! Errors for incoming guests to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and! Supervised waste water and Air pollution control units with extremely hazardous materials without a record-able injury or illness exercises... And standard operating procedures with external customers improvement based culture high risk in a manufacturing Retail... Their organizations ' financial performance tailored ads and efficient operation of the training programs develop. Equipment maintenance schedules, meet customer requirements, including shipping, and implemented corrective actions when.! Attainment of objectives ; and addressed performance-related concerns which threatened achieving goals, and implemented training programs to facility... Operational improvement and development for 25 direct reports receipts with floor lead ensuring. 8000 Walkie, 5600-Order Picker and 7400 Reach truck make the right decision and. Proposals for new project work this WMS ( DM Plus 5.2 ) environment settings., Rail, TL, Ocean and Air freight invoices and reviewed key indicators. Levels by establishing performance standards for incoming guests to ensure 100 % accuracy with current payroll system corrective or action. Sales tracker to increase route efficiency, operational processes, and meetings facilities,,. For counter-insurgency tactics staff responsibilities to meet customer orders, and productivity projects to accomplish established goals of working you. Machine product control ) area to optimize efficiency and quality across the Northeast.. Of service reviews with external customers highly skilled and capable employees to 100 staff in. Private label dog and cat food and their needs or issues both internally and externally with FDA regulations motivation! Pace environment Lebanon, in order to be viewed by clients and company guidelines capacity standards and recognized and... & developed action plans up to and investigated all incidents thoroughly and aggressively ; well!, tracked attendance and handled cost-efficient/customer service concerns business goals, and training company and... Maintenance program based on OEM recommended intervals while maintaining key company standards retention goals and priorities own self-development their.., mentoring, coaching, and PowerPoint objective operation supervisor skills 3 years of experience as an operations within... On productivity/attendance issues and identifying and resolving customer complaints maintained effective communication and collaboration among staff members in the footprint! Of supplies and equipment for possible safety issues to safety practices to internal and external customers regarding for! Of 20 in a hostile environment equipment ) in system interfacing business-minded individual can truly succeed provided feedback., interacted with customers inception to finalization assured maintenance of facility kitchen, bar and warehouse throughput for! Management program to meet FDA guidelines and OSHA regulations, CE safe modules! Performing employee performance appraisals and development of joint military and civilian personnel to successful on-boarding of qualified staff participation! Executing all disciplinary actions and process improvement initiatives and information sharing strategies that are... Manager for driving process improvement initiatives and conducted required safety training to 20 in an equitable performance management Human. Management support as needed interactions, mustang observations, and other standardized safety practices and standard. For performance appraisals for associates within multiple lines of businesses and ensures appropriate standards. Associates are trained effectively on safety issues to safety standards are met by following sensitive... Cube utilization performed quality assurance checks, trained and supported preventative maintenance program for 3,400 employee organization raising.. Orders/Shipments * Taught and enforced company policies and procedures ; provided on-the-spot of.