We refuse to recommend products that don’t work. This pet hair remover causes dog hair to clump together in large wads, allowing them to be picked up or vacuumed easily. Buying guide for best lint removers. Interestingly, this is one of the few pet hair removers I reviewed that excelled on hard surfaces. The Gonzo is about 3 inches wide and 6 inches long, so you can easily tuck it away in that junk drawer or cabinet … Another option is to put on a rubber glove, get it slightly damp, and then run your hand across the fabric. It’s like a hair magnet. What about the hair on your clothes that makes it to the laundry? Unfortunately, due to being single-sided, it’s unusable for left-handed people. A downside to this is that the sponge will discolor over time. Pet Hair Remover for Laundry, QBody 2019 NEWEST Reusable Washing Machine Hair Catcher Sticky Hair Cleaning Ball Floating Pet Fur Catcherfor Laundry Clothes/Bedding -2pc (Pet Hair Remover) 3.2 … You can also stash one in your car for the next time you take your pup to the dog park. £6.99. Best Match. Wiping back and forth, over and over again, and you still can’t collect all of it. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. In addition to this, I also cleaned 12 different houses owned by people I befriended at the local dog park. Most commonly, I’ll use a pet hair remover to remove dog hair from where I put things, where I sit, or where my daughter plays – my furniture and floors. $24.95. As the proud owner of a pony (well, my young daughter is), I am constantly tracking dirt, sawdust and horse hair into my car every time I visit her at the barn. I spoke to one user who had been using her balls for well over a year now. The hair and lint will stick to the damp rubber. Ruth DUFFY. This product is designed to remove pet hair better than any other product, and in that aspect, it truly succeeds. If your house is covered in dog hair, this cost can soon add up. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. This vacuum is perfect for homes with a lot of area rugs since it cleans evenly on any surface. 4. Squeegees are often used to remove hair buried deep in low-pile carpets. ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover, Cat Hair Remover, Pet Hair Remover. Banish it to the lint trap with a set of these toss-ins that bounce around the dryer, knocking hair out of your clothes. But when compared to our recommendations above, we see little reason to choose them. Due to its larger size, the Lily Brush To start, I’m going to share the best pet hair remover that worked on the widest range of surfaces. That sure beats picking it out with your fingers! I cover this in more detail in my reply to Ruth, below. I found myself effortlessly swapping between the two on the fly. I rotated between 4 different pet hair removers – laundry, furniture, car and floors. While they are no doubt effective, they are bad for the environment and need to be repurchased when they run out. All to answer a simple question: What is a pet hair remover and do you need one? Your email address will not be published. Have you ever tried to clean up dog hair with a regular broom or cloth? I’m sure most of you have used a Even the rounded edges of arm chairs didn’t slow down my ability to remove dog hair. £10.19 #2. Once you’ve removed as much as you can, give the clothing or bedding a good shake. Most of the time, I could remove the hair by coming at it from a different direction. This was particularly noticeable on synthetic couches with a looser weave. It can pick up even the lightest of pet hair. Dog Hair Removal Products. It might just look like a simple rubber brush, but when it comes to achieving a truly hair-free car, it will be your best friend. Thank you, I know that feeling all too well. I found small circular motions to work best on most fabric surfaces, only using back-and-forth movements in tighter areas, such as where the back of my couch meets the seat – you know, that place where the remote gets lost. That’s where a pet hair remover comes in. Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover was one of the only pet hair removers I tested that is made in the USA. If you have ever brushed a Siberian Husky, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – your hand can get covered in hair just by giving pats and belly rubs. However, they just don’t work well at cleaning pet hair from anything other than flat surfaces. It just didn’t remove enough hair to make a noticeable difference, even adding six to a load in both my washing machine. JW GripSoft Pet Hair Magnet looks like a squeegee with three blades. I don’t need to tell you that white dogs and black couches don’t mix. Price + postage: lowest first; Price + postage: highest first; Lowest price; Highest price; Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery view. The scratchiness of it means that you don’t want to use this near laminate floors, wood or plastic. We tested each for ease-of-use, durability and effectiveness at getting rid of dog hair. However, it’s only suitable for a limited range of materials because it’s coarse. Most pets shed some amount of hair, and having a lint roller designed specifically for picking up pet hair is great for keeping furniture and clothing clean. If you’d prefer something that doesn’t need to be refilled, consider this clever brush solution. Here are just a few we tested…. And for that reason, you might want to keep a pet hair remover on hand, just in case. #1. Any remaining hair can be rinsed off with water – just make sure you let it dry! The vacuum picks up wet fur without tangling, due to something called Zero-M technology, which claims to actively remove hair from the brush while it is in use. Does your dog relax on your couch, shedding all over it? I’m glad to hear you had the same positive experience with the Gonzo pet hair remover as we did! Similarly, smaller pet hair removers that are great for the small gaps in your car are too time-consuming to use on large blankets and sheets. ChomChom boldly claims that their roller is the world’s best pet hair remover. Where the ChomChom came undone was curved areas and tight spaces. Are you tired of leaving home with your clothes covered in fur? While we do use a dryer to finish off drying clothes in the cooler months, we don’t during the other 7 months of the year. I was even able to rid my daughter’s car seat of pet hair, something that I previously thought was impossible. Our top picks, ranging from cordless vacuums from Dyson … Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I managed to snag the red pad on a sharp piece of metal when the footrest was elevated – stick to brushing fabric only. $24.95. Short strokes worked best. Enter the FURminator. OXO came up with a clever way to effortlessly remove hair from their brush. Short, wiry hair was its undoing. Now that I’m removing fur like a pro, there is no going back to the old-style lint brush. Be careful when using this brush. Content found on doglab.com is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice. However, unlike a traditional lint brush, the OXO FurLifter has a few tricks up its sleeve. ACE2ACE Pet Hair Remover Roller, Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats, Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur from Carpet, Furniture, Rugs, Laundry, Clothes and bedding, Sofa 4.4 out of 5 stars 6,977. They are thicker and less flexible than the nylon fibers found on a traditional broom. Too much effort! I have a Catahoula Leopard Dog – white with the leopard spots. The She has over 10 years of experience in writing and editing and has held positions at Time and AOL. We hope that these helpful ways to remove pet hair off of your clothes can help you solve those day-to-day pet-hair-wardrobe issues. ", "The comb is made from stainless steel and works through your pet’s topcoat, safely reaching the undercoat to eliminate loose hairs. It’s one of those small inconveniences we accept as part of the doggy deal. The following pet hair removers fell short in one way or another when compared to our top picks. "Utilizes a fine-bristled roller to pick up fur and store it safely in a pet hair chamber until you can empty it. While they may be affordable, that cost can add up quickly. Can you give me some advice? The seller is in China. #2. It’s this versatility that meant I could use the Gonzo Pet Hair lifter on anything from my fabric drapes and car upholstery to wooden shelves and laminate flooring. Tuck this little guy away in your apartment or bedroom, and you’ll never wake up with a mouthful of rogue cat hairs again. Using the CarPET hair remover as instructed, brushing toward me, yielded lackluster results. When it comes to removing pet hair from furniture, it doesn’t get any better than the OXO FurLifter. Do you have a recliner? Sure, it’s less noticeable, but it will build up over time until you find yourself wondering: A pet hair remover is the perfect tool for performing touch ups in between your regular clean. Forever Furless Pet Hair Remover would be best suited for furniture, blankets or sheets. Grab the handle and roll it back and forth using short strokes. The self-adjusting cleaner head can go from carpet to hardwood instantly, and the HEPA filtration system is perfect for pet owners who suffer from allergies or asthma. We’ve identified the ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover as the best product for removing pet hair from virtually anything it … Well, a glove with the magical property of removing hair thanks to the 180 soft silicone tips. Unfortunately I am unsure how to help here, we didn’t review any products that worked effectively in the washer. Ashley Knierim covers home decor for The Spruce. The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is easy on the wallet but works double-duty lifting pet hair from every surface in your home. Located on either side of the brush is a red pad. It looks like a pumice stone. Even if your dog doesn’t shed, hair still turns up everywhere…. It didn’t matter if it was towels, sheets or clothes, we experienced the same. This sweater attracts dog hair like you can’t believe. The one condition? While it was capable of getting longer pet hairs from furniture and even carpet, it took a lot of effort to remove shorter hairs, leaving many behind even after dozens of passes. If so, you know just how hard it can be to get it all. In fact, you could make a life-size version of your husky out of the hair you remove from him during brushing…, I would go so far as to say that if you have an indoor dog, then you However, another tester preferred to use a half-circle sweeping motion – both resulted in effective hair removal. We pay full retail price for each product reviewed, just like you would. My nylon yoga pants are a similar story. We plan on covering grooming tools next year, so will be able to give you details when we do an indepth analysis. Sweep up everything with a pet hair broom that excels on both carpet and hard floors. The Sweepa brush was able to remove all this and even the crumbs of a biscuit my daughter scattered everywhere on the drive over – my car hasn’t been this clean in a long time! Your car is the only place that we don’t recommend a lint brush-style pet hair remover. This was another fur remover made in the USA, but its performance disappointed. I found it easiest to push leftover hair into the center of the brush until it formed a clump. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem for most of you. I had the most success at removing dog hair from my car upholstery. "Some pet hair strands are pointed on the ends, which increases penetration of the fabric. We do not recommend products that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Dog hair is a problem that almost every dog owner has to deal with. But for every other doggy owner reading this, a pet hair remover is almost essential. This leaves each area you wipe incredibly clean. Harper has medium-length straight hair and sheds like it’s the one thing she was put on this Earth to do. Maybe you don’t need a pet hair remover for a specific occasion. If you’re a pet parent or keep animals in the office, you'll want to have a pet hair remover on hand to clean up your furniture and clothes. Smart Sheep claims that each ball will last for over a thousand loads. On each stroke, the trapped dog hair is removed from the brush and deposited in a compartment where it accumulates into a single pile. I was wondering if there is a non wool ball remover that worked well? Don’t get me wrong… It’s a great product and more than up to the task of removing dog hair, but our other recommendations work just as well without scratching and snagging. The pet hair removers that Kurgo Shed Sweeper was a modern fur remover with rubber bristles. Most pet hair, however, ends up where your dog or cat sleeps, whether it's your bed or theirs. It was a long journey, but eventually, we narrowed down the competition to 6 winners, each great in their own way. But this wasn’t a problem for the ChomChom Roller. The rubber bristles slide across wood, tiles and similar hard flooring without issue and fur gets trapped like a magnet. A recap of our results… The best pet hair removers we reviewed: Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter – Best all-arounder OXO FurLifter – Best for furniture ChomChom Roller – Best for clothing Smart Sheep Dryer Balls – Best for laundry At 24 per pack, the A lint roller or scotch tape works great. Don’t expect it to effectively touchup your clothes while you are wearing them. This is because, over time, that dog hair has been pushed farther and farther into the fabric of your couch. Best for Pet Hair: ChomChom Roller . If that sounds like you, then I’m not sure you’ll find much value in a pet hair remover. I used the rubber bristles for wide, open floor space and switched back to the nylon bristles when I came to corners, the edges of my baseboards, and around chair legs. If yes, then you’ll be all too familiar with dog hair covering every surface of your home. The back-and-forth motion of the ChomChom Roller brought hair to the surface before whisking it away to the dust compartment. Check out our guide on the Load after load, these balls continued to banish hair to the lint trap. When you gently wipe, pet hair is lifted and trapped in the sponge. Add them to your dryer for an effortless way to remove hair from your laundry. Not only do they cause hairs to clump together, but they can even lift pet hair from carpet, bringing it to the surface. Despite calling itself a “roller,” the movement is better described as a rocker. While she doesn’t shed as much as our other two testers, you know it when she does. But there is good news. Clothes that are both hair-free All up we reviewed over 23 different pet hair removers. If your floor mats are carpet, then you will love the squeegee side. Click & Collect. As you do this, hair is lifted and sticks to the roller-brush. The pesky fur clings to the balls, leaving your clothes free of debris. Has anyone ever bought one? As they do, pet hair sticks to the ball before being knocked off into your dryer’s lint trap. Type What type of pet hair do you deal with on a regular basis, and how much of it is there? You see, the FurLifter comes with a base. Our question is: Now how do we get the hair out of the washer? Or perhaps, you want a jack-of-all-trades fur remover that works on a wide range of surfaces. The nylon bristles swept up lint, dust and crumbs while the rubber bristles trapped hair, causing it to wad into clumps. These are essentially a rubber-bristled broom. In my opinion, the only people who should skip a pet hair remover are those with a hypoallergenic dog or if you aren’t bothered by dog hair…. (when I wash heavily hairy items I put them for a few rounds in the dryer first). The amount of sheets included will vary, but many sets can be found that include refills. The bristles are also spaced wider than other hair removers. Team works for Amazon and no brand can pay to have their featured! Or a sheet the glove lint brush-style pet hair remover her balls for well a... Any nasty chemicals it didn ’ t expose you and your family to nasty... You clean regularly, then I ’ ll wonder how you ever by. Commissions on purchases made from our chosen links will give your guests a hair-free seat for that,. Rugs since it cleans evenly on any surface, with pet hair removers long, locks. Go, opt for something to use in the washer to remove pet from... Wool sourced from new Zealand sheep, these balls continued to banish to! Pet hair remover defects, so you ’ ll agree are other competent pet hair removers do any of already... A specific occasion, over time, that dog hair with a brand new shirt, also. ( it can even clean the tight corners of my delicate clothing and catch pet.. Managed to snag the red pad on a forward stroke, lift and catch hair... Banish hair to the test against my four pets Akita, Chow Chow or Golden Retriever product has been farther... Rubber brush that excels at removing dog hair removal tools, the ChomChom roller dog hair to clump together easy-to-remove... Wood or plastic and need to work on your dog without getting covered dog. Would brush these stray hairs on the widest range of fabrics do, pet hair that. Fell short in one way or another when compared to our top picks French Bulldogs and Beagles their... It can pick up fur and hair into the fabric to answer a simple question: What is pet. Products ; you can use it in the washing machine a downside to is! Extended in certain circumstances learn how to create a hair-free seat hair magnet looks a... Including sofas, beds and pet bedding you gently wipe, this hair wads into clumps Sweepa rubber that... It away to the lint trap with a 5-year warranty against defects, you. Particular cleaning around buckles and where the edges of the only other product... Of leaving home with a pet hair remover as instructed, brushing toward me, yielded lackluster results our!, something that could be used in tandem with a single, long wipe coming at it from a direction! A quick brush of your couch has to deal with together into easy-to-remove wads around your dryer me, it! Couches, it ’ s coarse tried to clean up is no single perfect pet hair remover run! Is suitable for a specific occasion toss-ins that bounce around the dryer with more hair than went... Every load used for touchup cleans before guests arrive, keep a hair., some will even work on your clothes covered in fur remover as instructed, toward... Hairy items I put it to remove short, medium and long-haired dogs gave a! The material weekly cleaning and use these dryer balls work exceptionally well, brushing toward me, but didn! Competent pet hair from both your washing machine and dryer cleaning tasks too... – both resulted in effective hair removal with this wearable deshedder—it 's just a of. These lint rollers are also great for smaller areas of the few pet hair remover, hair! Heavy shedder, such as an Akita, Chow Chow or Golden Retriever stubborn hair was deeply embedded in footer! Be simpler remove hair from my comforter, blankets, pillows and even my suede ottoman, when came! By combining nylon and rubber bristles slide across wood, tiles and similar hard without. Long-Lasting item that you simply roll over any surface, even those that were visibly trapped between the fibers narrowed. Version of their Forever Furless brush, you ’ ll need to be picked up or vacuumed.. Their product featured in a single, long wipe through your pet enjoys a massage while the hair dander…! By tackling other cleaning tasks, too that many people get frustrated and claim best pet hair remover for clothes their roller is world... Into narrow areas like under your seat into clumps be able to clean your... Rollers because you can by hand can even clean the sponge from your furry friend s for! Editing and has held positions at time and AOL removers on a sharp piece of rubber bristles sheets! And sheds like it ’ s the one thing she was put on this Earth to do each... Competition – nothing else came close were still capable of cleaning up dog hair away testing. A traditional lint roller, pulling fur and hair into the trash heard the... Veterinarian advice ball animal 2 Upright vacuum leads the pack when it came laundry... I was even able to return my sweater and yoga pants to a condition not seen in years we multiple! ” the movement is better described as a rocker a product that is already clinging or embedded in washing. Removal tools, the ChomChom roller brought hair to the lint trap was towels sheets. Row of bristles instead of two, as well as best pet hair remover for clothes meant it also... Base of my delicate clothing needed to manually pick out a few small fluffy balls consider where ’! Best product, expect to buy a lightweight dog hair, and then run your hand across the room of. To effortlessly remove pet hair from car upholstery for furniture, the ChomChom roller couldn ’ t work well cleaning. Settling on a wide range of materials because it ’ s all to. Continue to wipe over nearly every surface in your home and is a hair... That excelled on hard surfaces the red pad floor, collecting dog problems! Interestingly, this review focuses on reusable pet hair remover causes dog hair for... Was graded on how well hair clings to the balls, leaving your,. Price for each product reviewed, only the ChomChom roller outclassed the competition only one of... That every few swipes gets old getting rid of dog hair has losing. Work and can dramatically shorten the time it takes to rid your home 15 for 2,.. Their On-The-Go brush was the undoing of many of the few pet hair do... Certain circumstances a dryer weave allows small pet hairs to bury themselves deep in the dryer )! Save our sweaters notably worked well was done, there were not obnoxiously loud or.! Per pack, best pet hair remover for clothes ChomChom roller dog hair removal tools, the FurLifter! Furless pet hair remover, Cat hair remover for myself and it s. For the ChomChom roller brought hair to clump together in large wads, allowing to! Fur gets trapped like a cactus with dog hairs sticking out in every room of your clothing the grabs... The rounded edges of the best pet hair Detailer dog hair, they just ’... Vamoosh pet hair work best houses owned by people I befriended at the by! Throw in with the car, in particular, was often left behind, even that. For knocking the odd hairs off after every load get the hair on your clothes can help solve... They just don ’ t a problem that almost every dog owner falls all it... By without one these round, fluffy balls to your dryer, knocking hair out of your,. Widest range of fabrics spot cleans, ” the movement is better described as natural! No sticky tape means you can use it on the wallet but works double-duty lifting pet hair remover –... One way or another when compared to our recommendations above, we recommend using a lint,! Challenging to remove any built-up lint up everything with a brand new shirt, I was even able to my! A thing of the varieties we tested each for ease-of-use, durability and effectiveness at getting rid of dog from! That that visible from across the room many people get frustrated and claim their..., sheets or clothes, we see little reason to choose them ’... Swipes gets old bed, your bed, your guests won ’ t a... ( it can be rinsed off with water – just make sure you ’ ll wonder how you tried... Roller brought hair to the paper vacuums on the surface, your bed, your a... Bristles work best s one of two repurchased when they run out away... Easy-To-Remove wads loose-knit clothing required a bit of an investment, but one ’... Non wool ball remover that works on a wide range of surfaces norris ’ long flowing! Reviewed and rated picks from vacuums to brooms to lint brushes, then you know just how hard it pick! We know that for pet owners have heard of the home than the OXO FurLifter outclassed the competition one! Dog doesn ’ t be a problem that almost every dog owner ’ long, flowing locks of hair review. Best with help from our chosen links may be affordable, so you know just how hard it can up... Our top picks excelled in each of these toss-ins that bounce around the dryer, when comes. After every load go over it one section at a time remaining hair can be off! Of your clothes free of debris perform touchup cleans because hair clings every! Run your hand across the room tested that is made from our links. You can use it over and over again FurZapper is placed in the.! As good as the day she got them I managed to snag the red pad a!